"To the Patron who dropped her black lacy bra in Knapp Friday afternoon (2/3/2012) . . .

It is available for pick-up at the Clapp Desk, (we’re jealous, it is 
an awesome bra). 


RIS Student Workers"

excerpt from Wellesley College lost and found thread 

"This doesn't happen outside of Smith..."

Yes it fucking does, people are smart and aware of media propaganda outside of the bubble of this particular college, just because you go to a women’s college doesn’t mean you’re more aware of privilege than everyone else, don’t put yourself on a pedestal and DON’T SHARE YOUR FEELINGS IN AN 80-PERSON LECTURE.

More than anything, I hate the false elitism of “the doesn’t happen everywhere.” Yeah, if you use the passive voice, you’re right. Media literacy doesn’t just happen. You have to teach people. You have to seek out people who are interested in listening to you. You have to stop addressing people as though you’re the better, smarter, more valuable contributor to your discussions. You have to actually have discussions! NOTHING JUST HAPPENS. YOU HAVE TO DO IT.

And many Smithies I’ve met are blissfully ignorant about many a subject addressed in the SWG class. Many more non-Smithies I know could fucking teach this class. Don’t take this “more educated than thou” attitude. It won’t get you anywhere. 

Was with a group of friends, and someone asked the only guy (I’ve seen in weeks) what the hardest part about being a man was. I mumbled “the penis” and proceeded to laugh for 10 minutes. I feel like I might not do so well in the co-ed world…