Practice under the lights with UCLA Woman’s Lacrosse Team 

Started a personal project shooting UCLA women’s lacrosse team. It has been a really great experience shooting the team. I decided to shoot the team to continue building my sports portfolio.  Since I’ve began my journey in this creative world one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is you have to create your own opportunities. And as you begin creating you own opportunities doors will open. 

Ever wondered why females get that dreaded cellulite whilst men don’t?!

The arrangement of the fat cell chambers in males & females are different. When males put on weight, there fat cell chambers stretch. However due to the criss-cross structure of male fat cells the appearance on the skin surface is smooth & even.

Female fat cells however ‘live’ in cube like structures which are not as stable as the criss-cross structure found in males. Therefore, when the fat cells grow (when females put on weight) they are not restricted by there structure which results in dimples on the skin surface.

Men get it all don’t they ; p

Strength & resistance training can help with the reduction of cellulite. By lifting weights, muscles become more shapely and therefore the skin becomes more smooth!

So pick up those weights & eat clean for best results :-)

Remember you are the change!

Yours in health & fitness, Soph

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