ok, since manning-the-old-barricades and escapefromyeehawjunction both tagged me today i’ll do the 10 songs on shuffle thing. and since i was tagged twice i’ll do 20. 

1 Tripped on Love- Abra Moore

2 Runaway- Linkin Park

3 Wishing Well- The Airborne Toxic Event

4 All the Rivers in Colorado- Cory Branan

5 I held her in my arms- Alkaline Trio

6 How my Heart Behaves- Feist

7 Backfire at the Disco- The Womabts

8 Baylon System- Söhne Mannheims

9 January Wedding. The Avett Brothers

10 Lose your Mind- Kodaline

11 Don’t stop me now- Queen

12 Wasteland 2- 100 Monkeys (damn, i miss this band!)

13 Oaks- The Hold Steady

14 Clearly Severely- Ben Harper

15 Awake too Long- Rise Against

16 Courtesy Laughs- Phoenix

17 Can’t buy me love- The Beatles

18 The Last Words of Gene Autry- Franz Nikolay

19 You Get WHat you Give- Chuck Ragan

20 Deep Sleep- The Menzingers

hm, i’d love to see this done my stripedmenace bluedahlia45 blackkismet hellloworld-hellosun before yhe leaves and ministryofwobblydragons

20 songs and no Frank Turner or Gaslight ANthem. that’s an actual surprise. 

I am totally fangirling my future boss

I mean, it used to be

OMG I’m gonna work for Schalke!!!!!1 and have a really cool boss

and it’s starting to be

OMG I’m gonna have this totally cool and down to earth and nice and smiley-using and Womabts-faning boss!!!!1 and I’m also gonna work for Schalke