Cerebus #56 “The Mystice We”

(Part 3 of the Origin of Wolveroach)

Actually, this has nothing more to do with Wolveroach’s origin. However, Professor Charles X. Claremont (remember him?) is part of the story and gets involved with Cerebus’ plans at Countess Michelle’s manor.

Not a whole lot really happens this issue, but what does happen is pretty significant in moving the story along. And the story definitely needed to be moved along.

Another great spoof cover, so I’ll share that with you…


The Wolveroach covers by Dave Sim.

“That was what I had done with the Wolverroach covers. I did better covers. Wolverine was a lucrative property, but Frank Miller and Joe Rubinstein were a bad pairing on the art for that mini-series, and the covers turned out particulary bad. I was no Neal Adams, but I figured I could do much better Wolverine covers than Frank and Joe has done.”

Dave Sim (2005) Following Cerebus #3, Arlington, Aardvark Vanaheim / Win-Mill Productions.