Somehow I found

A way to get lost in you

Let me inside

Let me get close to you

Change your mind

I’ll get lost

If you want me to

Somehow I found

A way to get lost in you

Finally finished! Supposed to be up for V-Day, kinda a long time ago now D: at least it’s done, better late then never?

Let be the one to hold you
Never gonna let you get away
The shoulder you cry on
The dose that you die on
I, I can be your painkiller, killer, killer
You’ll love me till it’s all over, over

Lyrics from “Painkiller” by Three Days Grace

Dedicated to Ky. Based off of life events.

ShizanCreator and I got in an arguement over which of our characters was cooler, his Noa or my Ryuuta…anyways this popped into my head while we were argueing. Noa stealing Ryuuta’s cloths while he is in the shower and even going as far as to put on clip-on earrings to complete Ryuuta’s look.

Noa better run before Ryuuta finds something more to wear then jsut a towel. FUFUFU~

I saw something absolutely ridiculous to me. I was in the grocery store, looking at noodles in the “International Foods” section. I was actually looking for miso soup, but alas they had none *sigh*. Anyways, going down the aisle, it tends to slowly squander into American food, which is where I saw it.

How do you know Mr. Noodles is American? Well, if you had any doubts before, which I highly doubt, they now have an “Oriental Flavour”.  I found it in the International Foods section AND WTF is “Oriental Flavour”? Did they just mash up a bunch of spices and flavours from China, Japan, Korea, etc.? Just wow! Mr. Noodle *face palm*