I have officially decided (again) to sell Queen Zenobia, my lioness pelt headdress. I’m thinking of modifying her form and turning her into a traditional rug, because, let’s face it, not many people want a lioness for a headdress, and it will be easier to sell her as a rug anyhow.

I’ve been thinking on what kind of animal I’d like to have for my next headdress to replace her, and I just kept coming back to wolverines. Small, ferocious, and a constant presence in my dreams, typically sticking to the fringes of my subconsciousness. 

But wolverine pelts are expensive, and until Zen sells, I didn’t think I’d have the chance to find one that would suit my needs and my budget. But a customer recently asked if I could source a very specific-looking wolf pelt for her - she had seen it in a dream of her own - and in my search for her wolf, I found a guy in Alaska with a collection of furs his buddy traded him in exchange for repairing his old Bushmaster aircraft. 

After I inquired about the wolf, he offered to sell me the wolverine, too. We haggled back and forth on prices, and finally came to a very reasonable agreement. I spoke on the phone with the seller and his wife (I guess they’re kind of lonely in AK, and a friendly voice is always welcome!), to arrange the deal. 

Above is the pelt I’m getting from them. He (she?) is 53″ long, has all paws and claws, and should be suitable for a taxidermy-style headdress. The only issue is that it was tanned 20 years ago, so I’ll have to be very careful about the re-hydration process on this one. 

Ironically, if not for the hunt for my customer’s dream-wolf, I would never have found my own “dream” wolverine. Weird congruences like that make me happy, and I’m really looking forward to giving this pelt some new purpose.