fair Kami of the heavens 

   then to the earth below— 







Surreal, perhaps? Conquered fleeting peeks of countryside sewn landscapes caused ruffles of blustered breezes to sweep through all. Alpine canvas written upon brushwork ever fine, radiant across the cultivated plains of eastern homes. Wavering filaments to succumb against Kusanagi’s natural confinements and endowed liberty. Fortuitous happenings slumbered in this villages patterned floral workings, chirping among mortal dwelling folk that chattered away through plowing vegetation. Such was simple passing, mere explanations to ancient periods of Edo history by etched palm. Lifestyles brought in breaths of springtime, seasonal shifts hath been a pleasant one. For even her fellow kine hailing above in golden arches, could not pause natural disturbances. All adoring guardianship held highly throughout earthly soil, sailed above the woven clouds to Takamagahara’s refined pagodas itself. Paused musing felt shuddering distances fall against ivory pelt, instincts turned onward to uplifting visitors themselves. A treat for the lupine indeed.  "Ruff!"

Neya broke through the clearing with slumped shoulders heaving a light sigh. Damn those boys she called friends, she loses track of them for a minute and they’ve all gone and disappeared on her again. Stepping out of the bush she had cut through, the teen takes a glance around she notices that she’s surrounded by thick foliage. Brow raising a bit she couldn’t recall there being this many tree’s in the area.

Did I take a wrong turn somewhere?

ghost of the past

the wind carries almost no sound on this steel-toed evening, save for one click of the sorceress’ tongue and the light tapping of her fan on her shoulder.  she’s unamused as the final vestiges of winter have yet to leave japan to make way for spring, and finds herself clinging to the long sleeve of her opposite arm with her free hand.  she’s not so easily susceptible to a cold this mild, she knows this, but she finds discomfort in it all the same.

kagura is a bright summer child, light and loose and fancy-free.  the coolness of winter is not a battleground meant for the likes of her, and yet she dares to test it every day of her life.  it is, after all, an inevitable season in the climate of japan, one which kagura cannot hope to escape - not unless she chooses to fly far, far away from her homeland, a possibility which she has entertained previously.  she still thinks of it from time to time, to be perfectly honest: these lands hold such memories, and far too much blood soaked into the soil of her time here.

but this is home; it always has been, and it always will be.  even the most wayward of travelers, whether bound to life on a wooden ship or on a fluffy white feather, have a port to which they will always return to.

she finds herself in one of her tainted battlegrounds of memory, the place where she and naraku’s illusory castle had once been.  it had been a stage for an all-too-perfect scheme: pit wolf against dog, and the rest will come about naturally.  on this day, her first appearance in front of her creator’s enemies, she learned once and for all what a despicable fiend her master truly had been.  for her release from his grasp, she can never be too thankful.  a plot as insidious as that one had been is below her, below the wind which chooses to meet its rivals head-on nine times out of ten.  later, she had proven this on the wolf’s own skin, as she attacked him when naraku’s barrier was down and stole his two jewel shards.

freedom is something she had intended to clutch with her own two hands, but how foolish she had been to think it had even been possible.  now, though, she finds herself truly liberated, and walking over soil which not even grass has grown over - over times long since passed, of when she was a woman in chains.  but that’s not to say that she will hesitate to shed blood once more, should the situation call for it.

and as she stands there, solitary, deeply engrossed in her thoughts of bygone times, her features contort into a smirk as a familiar presence approaches.  he’s followed her scent here, no doubt, yet kagura does not seem as fazed as perhaps she ought to have been.  instead, she turns gracefully on her heels, stopping when she is facing the direction from which he will be arriving.

“long time no see,” it’s fortunate for koga that words cannot hold venom, for hers would certainly contain enough to rival even naraku’s potent miasma, “wolf boy.”

[ odd rp confession: i know many blogs are paranoid about people following them just to ship / smut / what-have-you but, these days, i find myself only thinking of this whenever i follow the blog of a female character.

it’s like sesshomaru and koga eat up all of kagura’s heterosexuality and now she’s stuck in the lesbian limbo of boobs and butts.

i guess she only likes men if they’re dogs orz

tl;dr men you are safe from kagura unless you have fluffy shoulder armor or wear a man-skirt!! ]

howling wind

Where normally there might have been a snide, cocky grin, or a contemplative expression, there is now a pained scowl.  Her left arm grips onto her right, attempting to hold closed the gash she’s carrying now.  How she had allowed herself to be so foolishly taken by surprise and wounded in such a manner, she will not know - and as though to pour salt over her open, bleeding wound, the beast had been nothing more than a lesser demon.  Her desire to escape from Naraku has made her careless, far too prone to deep thoughts, and here are the consequences of her actions.

Kagura lands now on an open expanse of rock, still keeping a firm grip on her injury.  Once she’s settled down into a seated position, however, she reaches up the hand of her unscathed arm to pull back the layers of her attire and get a better look at the gash itself.  The skin around it has begun to fester, no doubt due to the poison that the creature had inflicted on her, though her body’s natural abilities of regeneration seem to be taking effect.  It’s something she’ll have an easy enough time healing from, though she’ll still be incapacitated for a few more minutes.

Now that she has time to survey her surroundings, however, she realizes the gravity of this newest mistake.  As fate would have it, the area where she’s chosen to land is deep in wolf country - so much so that even she can smell the canine scent, and her senses are not much keener than a mere mortal’s.  With the scent of blood hanging in the air, she’s sure to attract unwanted visitors in these parts - though, from the feel of things, her body does not seem as though it will be able to put up a fight for long.

She’ll simply have to figure things out as they proceed, should she be unlucky enough to have her location discovered.