Okay so this has to be one of my favorite animatronics of all time!~ She was created by artist Jordan Wolfson! Sadly she has no name but she’s still very pretty and her movements are mesmerizing!

~Mod Cat

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Acclaimed artist Jordan Wolfson’s imagination brought this animatronic figure to life with a little help from his friends at Spectral Motion. The piece is currently being exhibited at David Zwirner Gallery in New York. The figure incorporates facial recognition technology, allowing her to focus on, and unnervingly follow, visitors at the exhibition.

I am exhausted from talking to the doctors and psychiatrists and nurses and just people at the hospital in general. And just talking in general. And exhausted from life. It might be a good thing, that I am living at the hospital for treatment and therapy for depression and an apparent overdose (3 times the amount that the ER doctors said they would usually administer to someone like me at one time), but I am sick of this.


Was able to snap some pictures of this healed Heart Orbital on @brujapiercing before she retired it due to her future ear pointing plans 😛 I will be at the shop all day, let’s do something fun! #implantgrade #bodyjewelry #LeRoi #legitbodyjewelry #bodypiercing #anodized #niobium #earpiercing #earpiercings #earcandy #orbital #miamipiercing #miamipiercings #miamitattoos #miaminewtimes #miamifashion #miamilife #wynwoodlife #oceandrive #lincolnrd #Miamibeach #sobe #brickell #wynwood #UM #wolfson #MDC (at Miami Tattoo Company)

une feuille de papier

La mère de l’étudiant schizophrénique avait l’habitude de griffonner d’une grande écriture un petit nombre de mots sur toute une feuille de papier pour se souvenir de presque n’importe quoi et de la fixer ensuite pour qu’elle lui soit bien perceptible : par exemple, à un mur ou à une porte de placard ou d’armoire ; tout cela comme si elle ne pouvait guère se souvenir de rien, et même elle disait souvent, comme à part elle, qu’elle ne pouvait guère se souvenir de rien car son esprit était si rempli de troubles. Bien qu’elle dît cela d’habitude en yiddish, en employant pour troubles un mot emprunté à l’hébreu, son fils aliéné trouvait toujours agaçante cette déclaration sombre. 

Louis Wolfson, Le schizo et les langues, Gallimard, Paris, p. 164.