Moment by Wolframclaws

"I’ve been asked about what I would give to Cadence on Hearts and Hooves Day. You could only wonder what would a stallion present to a princess who could potentially have anything they desire in an instant. I could go to the farthest corners of Equestria to purchase her a diamond elegant enough to be graced by her presence. Or perhaps venture into the deepest regions of the forests in search for a flower rare enough to rest upon her warm, colorful mane. Maybe request the richest chocolates made only from the finest ingredients for her to indulge in.

I could have selected to do any of those, but there’s one thing I felt would be the perfect way to celebrate this holiday of love. There is a location she found with fields where there are cherry blossoms in bloom this time of year and pink azaleas line the hills. It was a location we both escaped to when we wanted to be alone during our time in Canterlot.

It’s our special meeting spot, a place we find through the power of our magic. The bond we share is how we are able to locate it. 

The reason it’s so special to her is because when we were dating, there was a moment that I saw she was having an off day. There was no way I could console her, until I proposed that we run off together. No, not in that way. Just to get away from our responsibilities and enjoy a moment alone. She agreed, and we snuck out of Canterlot.

After wandering away for quite some distance, it seemed like Cadence knew about where she was heading. I was lost, but I trusted her. It seemed like something was guiding her in this direction. Almost like she was in a trance, but aware of her surroundings. Together we tread through a forest, unaware of how far we had drifted from the main road. At one point, I thought we were lost. But a single blossom fell from the trees overhead, and soon many more lined a path ahead of us.

It was then that we found it. Our mouths just fell at the scene of natural beauty before us. So tranquil…peaceful…a region that was completely untouched. With the night falling soon, I thought it was best to head on back, but she insisted on staying. Gazing into those eyes and that charming smile of hers, there was no way I could deny her.

So that night, on the eve of Hearts and Hooves day, we cuddled together under a cherry blossom tree, gazing at Luna’s moon above on that starry night. She wanted this place to be our special location, and I couldn’t agree more with her.

With our horns united, we cast a small spell on that single tree, like a marker that only our magic could identify. It was our way of finding ourselves back in that peaceful location.

This year, I blindfolded her and returned her to that same spot. Though I ventured on my own earlier to set up a small picnic there with all her favorite snacks. One candle, that blanket, two glasses of wine and our love. The heart made of rose petals was a cliche touch, but she loved it.

With all the pressure she has on her shoulders, getting away from it all seemed like a perfect way to celebrate with her. And you know what? Who says that more expensive is better? Sometimes, all you need to do is think with your heart and you’ll find the best present there.

Happy Hearts and Hooves Day, my love.”

-A page from the journal of Prince Shining Armor