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Parasta juuri nyt: Isaac Sakiman debyytti on ulkona, Let The Right One In sinkku tulossa juhannuksen tienoilla. Samalta julkaisulta löytyy myös suomalaisen Wolfhausen remixi joka kuultiin Music Peoplen showssa jo viime kuussa, tässä lähetyksessä. Samassa lähetyksessä toimittaja myös sekoili pahasti levyn julkaisijan kanssa. — Heikki


Helsinki’s Wolfhaus nail it again with this dubbed & screwed version on baby boy. They’re preparing their second mixtape (previous mix featured a style full of huge delays, big bass and slowed down samples in Memphis rap style - a combination that the guys call dubbed & screwed) + debut ep is in the works too so keep an eye on this dubbed out duo who are thinking outside the box. Download for free!

quick note, first off- DO NOT send wolfhaus any shitty anon messages. the kind of folks who follow me, this is a given, but if this ends up getting reblogged out of my usual circle, have some courtesy mkay? 

hey ramonvillalobos i said i’d write a proper thing not in tweets so here ya go. honestly when i want to talk at length (read: more than twelve words as a time) on twitter it usually goes horribly wrong, tone goes out the window, the delays in messages get in the way, et cetera. it got really long but i’m waiting for my hair to dry so it’s not like i’ve got anywhere less nerdy to be. 

basically i’m real happy for you getting to see manara’s work in a marvel comic, because it is really cool when work of artists you love gets put in the greater universe like that. i get giddy whenever anyone like steph hans or alex maleev does work for the books i read and i’ll buy variants by them because i love their style so much. and i absolutely agree with you on the point that people should be more mad at marvel than manara. like, manara is a porno artist. he does porno comics. however anyone feels about porno comics, they’re gonna exist. and that’s fine, like, at the end of the day, read whatever comics you want, porno or otherwise, though tbh people have the right to call out sexist imagery, regardless of how classic or legendary the artist is. not to say you can’t enjoy it still, but you gotta be aware and respectful of the fact that people aren’t going to be ok with the representation of women like that in a public forum.  

it was a seriously bad call on marvel’s part to ask a porno artist, legendary or not, to do a variant for a comic like spider-woman in 2014. like, yeah, when jessica was all tarantella sex powers in the late 70s/early 80s, i can understand having a milo cover. that makes sense. that’s how the character was being sold back then, for better or worse.


jessica drew of the 21st century is not the same jessica drew that spider-woman started out as. thanks mostly to the portland contingent of brian bendis and kelly sue deconnick, she’s a much more embraced character, which is a big deal especially post-secret invasion, cuz she could’ve just been written off as ex-queen-bitch, book shut, but agent of sword and the more recent avengers assemble and captain marvel have cemented her in the common roster of avengers.

the other thing to note about ksd’s books is that a lot of young girls are reading them, and this is their introduction to jessica’s character in her own book. same as most people are gonna feel weird about a little girl picking up a copy of penthouse (which is p appropes given that milo used to get printed in penthouse amirite), they’re gonna feel weird about that variant when they see it, and they’re not gonna let that kid read that comic, which is a damn shame. even though greg land is a turd and ruins a lot of good books, i want it to be a good book and sell well because i love the character. this goes back to the thing i said about egon schiele and i know that didn’t sit flush with you cuz schiele’s dead and was never a comics artist, so it’s not a proper comparison, i guess a better example would be having j scott campbell do a ms marvel cover. like however you feel about jsc, his work isn’t appropriate for a book about a teenage muslimah, you know?

it’s selling the wrong thing to the wrong audience, regardless of how you feel about the content, if i want to put it neutrally. if i want to put it in my own words, it’s inappropriate for the character, and a really poor move by marvel considering how much of an effort a lot of the all-new marvel now books have been putting into inclusivity. 

anyways you’re a cool guy and i love your art and i hope this gets my point across better than on the tweets. stay rad.