kusaricivvet asked:

g-gosh! i have n-no clue where t-to start with s-sentin! h-hes like… w-well he is! t-the most cP-cPerfect troll to m-me

h-hes just r-really great a-and… i-i really dont know w-where id be without h-him! h-hes nice a-and cuddly… a-and hes r-really cute! l-like really cute! a-and he takes c-care of me because h-he wants to!

hes s-so imcPortant to m-me… i-im just really g-glad he started t-to like me… i-im the h-hacPcPiest troll on a-alternia!

you know ofwuce will stay up for days on end just to try and make some sort of baked good

shes only had one or two good ones but she gets so mad with herself for not being able to make something

but as a thank you to sentin shes gonna stay up until she can actually make something for him and it cant be “good” its gotta be perfect