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Name: Kaz
Birthday: June 18, 1996
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Height: 5′5″
Favorite Color: Purple
Time and Date: 1:00 pm CST–May 22, 2015
Average Hours of sleep: 3-4 hours
Lucky Number: 18
Last thing I Googled: Kingsman DVD release date
First Word that comes to my mind: orange
How many blankets I sleep under: 1
One place that makes me happy: My bedroom
What I’m wearing right now: a sweatshirt and underwear
Favorite Fictional Character: Castiel
Favorite Book: Invisible Monsters–Chuck Palahniuk
Last movie I saw at the Cinema: Pitch Perfect 2
Last book I read: Ghostman–Roger Hobbs
Favorite Drink:  Iced tea
Favorite food: Corn casserole 
Dream Wedding:  I don’t want to get married 
Dream Pet: Wolf
Dream Job: Video game development 


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anonymous asked:

I love your blog! I'm 16 and since I was born I loved them. I want to die and be reincarnated into one! My friends call me obsessed! Haha but it's good to see someone has the same passion. My goal is to own one when I'm older. Sorry if I annoyed you.

Hi! You aren’t annoying me - in fact I’m happy you send me this message, so that I maybe can convince you nót to take a wolf as a pet.

Please please please read in my FAQ here on why not to take a wolf as a pet. Also, you can read there why wolf dog hybrids are a bad idea as well. I hope I really can change your mind :)

anonymous asked:

Is it possible to own a wolf? Like as a pet? My fiancé and I would really love to welcome one into our little family. :)

No, it’s not. I’d also not take hybrids. Please read my FAQ about this and I réally hope it will change your mind :)

the-wayward-huntress asked:

((To the person wanting a wolf pup. I'm in my 30s now but as a teen I wanted one too. At 19 I got one that was a mix of two breeds w/a dash of German Sheppard -that you couldn't see at all. As a pup everything was fine except she seemed shy. As an adult she had fear aggression issues. We couldn't take her away from home or she'd hide behind us & lash out at others who got near. At home w/strangers she'd slink around & watch them. She acted wild to everyone but us. She ended up in a sanctuary.))

Thanks for sharing this :) At what age did you take her to the sanctuary?

I’m against wolves as pets, and wolf hybrids as pets as well. There’s lots of stories and cases in which it completely gets out of hand. Of course there are also many cases in which everything is just fine, but in my opinion we shouldn’t take the big risk.

Oh and I have a FAQ about this topic too, lol

anonymous asked:

Why not have a wolf as a pet? I mean, as long as you're treating it perfectly fine, and you get it somewhat as a pup, and train it well. It'd act like a normal dog, but with the wolfs look. I guess you can get a Husky, since they look somewhat like a wolf, but it's not the same. You can't have wolfs as a pet though, unless you get the states okay for it.

I think the fact that you are on anon already shows that you actually know it’s not a good idea haha :)

Even as you get it as a pup, it still will be wild and uncontrollable. It won’t act like a normal dog.
Treating it perfectly fine to me means at least having a huge fenced forest with wild living preys in it and letting the wolf have a pack, but I won’t call that a pet wolf anymore.

I don’t know what country you are from where you can have an okay for it? I don’t know in how many countries that is allowed? Not so many I hope lol