Confession 9:

I wish someone would look at me the way Tyler, Jensen and Bradley look at Dylan, Misha and Colin when they aren’t looking. They’re just so focused and interested in what the other person is saying, they don’t even care that they’re staring and that is wonderful because they really care about each other.

Brand new music and a link to prove it!

Hello again.

Fresh from assorted summer soujourns to Sweden, Spain and Siam (aka Thailand - I couldn’t resist using its old name for alliterative purposes) it’s back to the daily grind for the five of us. In this case that involves finally releasing some new music in the shape of an extended player, more commonly known as an EP.

Said EP is entitled Exit, Pursued By a Bear, and below is a combination of the artwork (from regular co-conspirator Wolf James) and the first track, called Oh My Love.

We hope you enjoy the first fifth of the EP and if you do, we’d love you to head here to Hypem and like the track for us. This will increase our cool points immeasurably, which wouldn’t hurt at all.

If you’ve heard enough and are certain that the EP will be the soundtrack to your autumn/winter 2014, then why not go out on a limb and pre-order the whole darn thing based on this track alone. I once bought an album based purely on its cover, trusting just one sense and one sense only, so you’d be taking much less of a risk than I took back in 2003. Here’s how to do just that:

For signed vinyl, try our label Xtra Mile Recordings or our friends at Banquet Records.

For Spotify, go here - 

and head to iTunes of you want a copy of Oh My Love STRAIGHT AWAY!

For those of you lucky or unlucky enough to live in London (depending on your viewpoint), we’ll be launching this EP into the musical stratosphere by playing a small gig at the Courtyard Theatre. Tickets are limited but can be obtained from the following link in a few swift clicks -

 Finally, to celebrate all this we’ve got some new merch (including a t-shirt and a James David Murphy screen print) ready that you can pre-order with the vinyl too. Head here for that.

That’s enough for now, but stay tuned for more EP-related goings on very soon.





"Dylan…looking kind of James Dean."—Jeff Davis [x]

  • Mom:so who is your celebrity crush?
  • Me:HAHAHAHAHAHA do you want me to tell you my top 5? Or top 5000? Or top 50,000? Idk you choose.