tw headcannon: grocery shopping
  • scott:scott would probably do all of his shopping on time and then while on the waiting line to the cashier he'd probably give his place to every single elder lady that would be there
  • stiles:stiles would probably act all cool and slim in the corridors but once there wasn't someone close to him, he'd suck a big breath and run with the cart as if doing a race (and then he'd probably place his feet on the bar that holds the wheels) because he is stiles (but then he'd probably lose his balance and probably make one of the food shelves fall because he is stiles)
  • derek:derek would act all normal for sure there is absolutely nothing new to read here he's too lame to do something cool (jk) (but he's lame)
  • isaac:i really don't know why but i find isaac completely normal-acting in the supermarket in general, but as soon as he'd face the corridor with the washing detergent and stuff he'd be horrified because he has absolutely no idea what to buy so his clothing can smell like human clothing (and then he'd probably be double horrified because he wouldn't remember in which temperature you wash the black and in which you wash the colorful) (so he'd probably end up with a pink t-shirt just because he dropped a red sock in the washing machine) (haha isaac u suck)

anonymous asked:

Hey I was wondering if you could do a prompt with Derek (TW) using the quote you used on the recent Dean post ("Are you jealous?") thank you so much ++ i love your blog (:

“Are you jealous?” It was the first think you asked the moment you walked through the door. You and Derek had been out…and incidentally there’d been a rather amorous man and Derek just decided he was going to be even grumpier than usual. Which led you to where you were now. 

“I’m not jealous.”

“Possessive then? Don’t like another man sniffing around your turf?” You joked. You were surprised he put up with you and all your jokes actually, you were practically opposites…but you weren’t complaining. 

“I’m a wolf, what do you think?” He rose an eye brow, looking down at you as if it was obvious. 

“I think there’s an empty loft and an empty bed…if you want to remark you territory of course…” You walked backwards slowly towards his room and almost giggled at his eagerness to follow. Yes, he was a big ball of grump, but he was your big ball of grump.