Trusty wolf

I stuffed up one of the requests I got because it wasn’t what the anon wanted so I wrote a new up one for that special anon!



Characters: Brett//(Y/N)

Request: Stuffed up one

Warnings: Minor swearing


Brett was two different people. With his friends, he was a cocky asshole. Around you alone, he was an innocent puppy who really loved cuddles.

"I just don’t understand why you are dating him. He is an idiot…" Lydia ranted on about how she didn’t like Brett. He was a good guy, it’s just that nobody saw the soft side except for you.

"I love him okay? And there is nothing you can do to change that. He is different around me. He is kind and sweet and caring." You could go on for days but you stopped there.

"Whatever you think." She turned the other way and walked off.

Standing in the hall you saw everyone flee out of the school, indicating that it had finished. Brett popped in front of you before you could walk and squatted facing his back to you.

"Jump on. I am your transportation!" He smiled and you jumped on his back. He stood up straight and began running through the doors. You could hear coach yelling at him about running behind you.

"Onwards my trusty wolf!" You yelled.

He took off to where your car was parked. You nuzzled your head into his neck and wrapped your arms tighter. He plonked you down on the ground and kissed you.

"I have to go to practice but I will call you tonight. I promise." He pecked you lips once again and walked to the field.

You sat in you car and jumped as you saw Lydia sitting in the passengers seat.

"Lydia? What the hell?!" You asked.

"I had no idea! He is adorable around you!!! Ugh you guys are so cute!" You blushed at her rambling about your relationship and drove to your house.

Lydia made herself at home and walked to the kitchen. She walked back out and headed to your room.

"You coming?" She motioned to your room.

You nodded and walked with her. You spent the next hour and trying to find out who the benefactor was and your stress ball went from the size of a pea to a beach ball. Everyone was counting on you to do one thing and you couldn’t even do that.

"(Y/N), are you okay?" Lydia carefully walked over to you sitting at your desk.

Your breathing got heavier and the air was getting thicker. Your chest was tightening and your hands were shaking. You were having a panic attack. You felt like you couldn’t breathe and everything was spinning. Lydia was yelling at you but you could only hear buzzing sounds. She pulled out her phone and called someone. She paced around the room while talking.

Brett’s voice was in your head. ‘In, 12345678, out, 12345678’ you repeated foe what felt like minutes until the whole pack burst into your room.

"You guys didn’t all have to come?" You still couldn’t catch your breath and it felt like your heart was going to pop out of your chest.

Brett sat in front of you and put is hands on your cheeks.

"Remember what I said about your breathing."

You started to calm down after doing your breathing method for quite some time. The pack looked confused about Brett being so soft. Lydia was the only one smiling. You mouthed a thank you to her and wrapped your arms around Brett. He rocked you from side to side. You let out a shaky breath and mumbled into his ear.

"Thank you so much," you started, "I love you."

You felt him smile against your skin. He replied, “I love you too. You won’t have to stress about this again. Lydia is going to take you to the lake house for the weekend with her and you can relax ok? Don’t stress.”