no but since neither of them are in the trailer imma assume derek and braeden are off roadtripping and partying

like braeden is afraid to take derek on jobs because yes derek honey i know you can turn into a wolf, that doesn’t mean i want you getting shot at. stay in the car. stay in the– stay in the fucking car

and she convinces him to spend a little of the fortune he’s sitting on (she earns 50k a job, she knows how to have a good time) and one evening they end up sitting in a hot tub and kissing and drinking 10k bottles of champagne and derek doesn’t feel guilty about indulging himself bcos braeden is smiling

naturally they don’t just spend time in hotel suites with fancy champagne. braeden rolls her eyes at derek insisting on doing aid work but is actually super pumped for it. they’re both fast, smart and strong and they donate money to relief efforts, give their skills to building and helping out at shelters. braeden gives talks at a women’s shelter and teaches self defense every now and then.

sometimes they just ride around in derek’s soccer mom car, drifting from place to place, eating junk food and going on runs to burn it off and going sightseeing. they go to mt rushmore and take dumbass tourist pics. it’s great

and then derek turns on his phone after like 6 months and goes oh shit


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“(y/n)-” He knocked on the door and walked in without waiting for an answer.

Don’t look!” You yelled, trying to cover your tail with bubbles but Derek’s eyes snapped straight to it.

“Is that a- You’re a…”

“Mermaid.” You supplied weakly, “Surprise…”

“Wow.” He mumbled before smiling, “I thought something smelled fishy.”

“Oh my god, Derek!” You groaned, “You’re just like Stiles!”


Derek heard you make a sound. you usually were asleep before him so he approached the bed. you were still asleep but you were struggling. thats when Derek realized, you were having a nightmare.

he sat down next to you and wrapped his arms around you. you woke up instantly, looking up at him. “Derek?”

“you were having a nightmare.” he said, “you’re okay now.”

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"I like your "hate stare" why don't you look at me like that" with derek hale please, hug <3

You were watching as your boyfriend glared down the rather awkward kid that was Stiles Stilinski, you probably should have been focused on the event at hand, but you weren’t…at all…

“I like your ‘hate stare’…why don’t you ever look at me like that?” You blurted out the words before you even realised anything was happening. You weren’t really sure why you liked it. After all it was aggressive and angry and his smile was something you also enjoyed seeing…you just did. 

Derek quickly shifted his glare towards you and you couldn’t help the smile that began to form at the corner of your lips. “That’s what i’m talking about, you should smolder at me more often, babe” He just shook his head, while Stiles looked on slightly terrified and you found yourself grinning…

Suffice to say there were a lot of ‘hate’ stares that night back in your bedroom… ;)


Imagine cuddling with Derek // requested // not my gifs

“Derek…” you whined at your boyfriend, “cuddle me!” you pouted as he ignored you.

He grunted and rolled over stealing all the blankets from your body as well. You rolled into his side, “You can’t ignore me forever. You have needs,” you winked as he cracked one eye open and raised his eyebrow, “and I have mine. Now cuddle me.”

You lifted his arm, with a great amount of effort and squeezed yourself under it and into his side. He sighed and wrapped his arms around you, “You’re so lucky I love you.”

You giggled and pecked his nose, “Love you too sour wolf.”


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