missgotie asked:

I swear your trickster Dirk (?) drawing ended up on my dashboard for the 5th time today. lol, THE AMOUNT OF NOTES IT HAS IS INCREDIBLE.

I’m so sorry to you and everyone else this effectS LMFAO //WEEPS

WOW I didn’t expect such a response Q7Q ! A 20 minute doodle too, CHRIST

BUT, i’m honored in a sense, I guess! But i generally don’t take notes on my Homestuck stuff to heart since I know that that’s essentially the ONLY reason any HS stuff I do has higher responses uou

do ya feel me.

But it’s still mind-blowing to watch the notes just GROW MAN LOL



anonymous asked:

did you draw that pixel mouth on yr sidebar?


this is where i got it from http://wolberdan.tumblr.com/post/47407331668/stomach-mouths-and-pixel-art-on-the-mind