Meet your sponsors!

They say that life is a game, and it’s not about what you know, it’s who you know and who is on your side. Upon arrival to the Capitol, the six top sponsors of the 33rd Annual Hunger Games will be obsessing over which one of you tributes they want to sponsor.

Each sponsor will choose two possible tributes to sponsor after the Parade, Private Training, the Interviews and their choices will be finalised after the Bloodbath. The sponsors are all looking for different things and impressing them could mean the difference between life and death.

Meet your sponsors:


Esmeralda Themis / Clémence Poésy/ 30/ Fashionista

A popular fashion blogger and designer, Esmeralda is leading figure in Capitol fashion and art, if Esmeralda isn’t wearing it, than neither should you! She looks for best, brightest and boldest things and her sponsored tributes definitely reflect that.

She is looking for a tribute that:

  • Is a strong, handsome boy or a petite, pretty girl – pleasing to the eye.
  • Has an extroverted personality and knows how to please a crowd.
  • Achieves a high training score.


Saxon Winters/ Jared Leto/ 41/ Musician

A well-known musician, Saxon is often seen around the Capitol surrounded by flocks of people, especially women. Over the years he’s gained a reputation of being quite a womanizer but doesn’t just choose any girl to be seen by his side. Saxon has a strong personality and expects his sponsored tribute to have one as well.

He’s looking for a tribute that:

  • Is a strong, sexy female.
  • Can hold their own and doesn’t need any help.
  • Doesn’t have a sob story, he wants a fighter not a lover.


Imogen Christa/ Alexa Chung/ 29/ Socialite

Imogen is the life and soul of a party and one of those people you can’t help but look at when they walk into a room. Born into a rich family, she has a lot of cash to splash and loves to spoil her sponsored tributes as long as they provide the goods and great television, that’s all she’s interested in, a show person.

She is looking for a tribute that:

  • Has a story.
  • Is fighting for something, someone or a cause.
  • Shows that whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


Atticus Hanan/ Aidan Turner/ 29/ Genius

One of the greatest minds of the century, Atticus has single-handily pioneered some of the most major medical and technological developments in Panem. Despite Atticus’ reclusive nature, he enjoys watching the games from time to time and loves the twists and intelligent spins that the Gamemakers put on year after year. His development have made him wealthy and Atticus is definitely a man who spends his money wisely.

He is looking for a tribute that:

  • Favours brains over brawn.
  • Is unique, daring and a survivor.
  • Impresses the Gamemakers with their wit and creativity not just their ability to kill.


Elodie Mairie/ Marion Cotillard/ 37/ Ex-Gamemaker

An ex-Gamemaker, Elodie retired after settling down and marrying the 12th Annual Games Victor Hugo.  The two fell in love quickly after he won his games and she now lives happily in the Capitol with her four children. Although she no longer has any control over the games, she still loves watching them and every so often gets involved in sponsorship. Elodie was known as the Fire and Ice Queen back when she was a Gamemaker because of her mercurial temper and blinding rage which was soon followed by stone cold silence. Although Elodie herself found love with a Victor, she doesn’t feel as though the same could possibly be achieved by another. Elodie loves to see blood, pain and anguish, for her, that is this real Hunger Games.

She is looking for a tribute that:

  • Is bloody and a heartless killer.
  • Has a weapon and knows how to use it.
  • Doesn’t believe in happy endings or that love conquers all.


Kalmin Boone/ Tom Hiddleston/ 32/ Business man

Kalmin amassed his fortune trekking through the dangerous uncharted wilds of Panem in the search for oil which had become scarce in the great country. After three years of searching, Kalmin struck gold and within less than a year he was the richest man in the whole of Panem. A humble, kind and honourable man, although he does not necessarily agree with the Hunger Games, but he appreciates their necessity and does what he can to support the little people, he wants to give everyone a chance and believes in all the tributes even if they don’t believe in themselves.

He is looking for a tribute that:

  • Is an underdog.
  • Has a special skill, weapon or survival skill.
  • Doesn’t quite know exactly what they’re capable of.
Interview: Lana Talbott, District 8
  • Caesar Flickerman:She surprised us all with a 10 in Private Training outscoring almost every tribute and has definitely got everyone talking. Lana Talbott everybody! *crowd cheers*
  • Lana:*waves a little nervously to the crowd as they applaud before coming to take a seat next to Caesar* Hi…
  • Caesar Flickerman:Why Lana my dear you seem so nervous! Surely your 10 in Private Training must put a huge smile on your face!

Mandatory Task #1: Reaping Day

It’s finally here, that one day a year where you wake up, scared to death that your name will be drawn from that glass bowl. Or maybe you’re waking up eager to volunteer. Or maybe you’re waking up not caring much either way. Elsewhere in your District, previous victors are waking up, ready to begin another year’s work of mentoring. Get ready to say goodbye to your loved ones…

Task #1 Part 1: Reaping - Post a one shot about how your Reaping Day unfolds. Your one shots can begin when you wake up in the morning and must end when you enter the Justice Building.

  • Tributes: Write about what happens to you as you are reaped or when you volunteer.
  • Mentors: You are watching on stage, write about your reaction to first seeing your tributes and reactions to any occurrence that happens during the Reaping. 
  • Tag this post WoFM Reaping

Task #1 Part 2: Goodbyes - Once you’ve been escorted into the Justice Building, you’re separated into rooms where you wait to say goodbye to family and friends. 

  • Tributes: Write a one shot about what happens as you bid farewell to those you’re leaving behind. End your story once the Peacekeepers come to escort you to the train.
  • Mentors: Write a one shot about what you do while your tributes say goodbye. Do you have a chat with the Mayor? Do you hit up the bar car on the train? Do you make yourself comfortable and wait for them to arrive? End your story once the tributes head for the train. 
  • Tag this post WoFM Goodbye

This 2 part task is due by the end of the day on Wednesday April 10th.

 You will most likely need to speak with your DP and Mentor to sort out possible details of your Reaping. This is especially important for the Mentors, as they cannot post their reactions until they know how your Reaping went. Please make sure your ask boxes are open and contact each other to complete this task. If for some reason you cannot get a hold of either your DP or Mentor, please try to be generic when it comes to their part of the story. Do not get an incomplete because you couldn’t get a hold of them!

Interview: Brefina Aurory, District 5
  • Caesar Flickerman:Next up is a unique young lady, I heard she likes birds! Let's give her a hand folks. Brefina Aurory! *crowd cheers*
  • Brefina:Hello, Caesar.
  • Caesar Flickerman:Welcome, welcome. Brefina. How are you enjoying your stay in the Capitol?
Interview: Avia Villiark, District 3
  • Caesar Flickerman:Next up is you sassy tribute from District 3, a girl who has already made quite a name for herself. Let's welcome Avia Villiark! *crowd cheers*
  • Avia:*winks toward crowd before turning her attention to Caesar with a coy smile* Evening, Caesar. You certainly look flashy tonight.
  • Caesar Flickerman:Flashy you say? Aha yes thank you, it's the latest in Capitol fashion! Are you enjoying yourself and the fashion in the Capitol, my dear?
Interview: Wendy Spektral, District 12
  • Caesar Flickerman:And last, we've got District 12. Here comes Wendy, I've heard she'd quite sweet. Let's give her a hand! *crowd claps*
  • Wendy:Hello, hello! *waves to the audience with a pleasant smile and leans up to kiss Caesar’s cheek before she sits* I’m sure you’ve heard it plenty of times tonight Caesar, but you’re looking fabulous as ever!
  • Caesar Flickerman:*rubs his cheek and blushes* Why thank you my dear, I always am! And might I say you are too! Are you enjoying being made up by your style team?

Welcome to the Annual Hunger Games Ball!

This year’s theme is Gatsby Casino Party! The theme dress is 1920’s Gangsters and Flappers attire. Inside the party you will find a multitude of gambling tables, a large dance floor surrounding a pool, 2 large bars, 2 large tables of food, a stage with a big band. All participants are given 1,000 in game chips upon entrance. Stella and Minnie will be available during the party if you wish to meet them. Link and Farren are yet to be determined. 

Champagne is flowing, the music is calling, and the dice are ready to be rolled! May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor!

Confirm your spots!

After a brain melting hour your Gamemakers have successfully placed you all into spots based on your preferences:

District 1

Male: Jonah (Freddie Stroma) Female: Gigi (Hannah Marks)

Mentor: Anne (Candice Accola)

District 2

Male:  NJ (Kellan Lutz) Female: Link (Chiaki Kuriyama)

Mentor: Kat (Mischa Collins)

District 3

Male: Valen (Louis Garrel) Female: Swift (Troian Bellisario)

District 4

Male: Tris (Hunter Parrish) Female: Holly (Chachi Gonzales)

Mentor: Mark (Amber Heard)

District 5

Male: Blake (Steven R McQueen) Female: Laure (Kristen Bell)

Mentor: Cleo (Antonia Thomas)

District 6

Male: Cath (Darren Criss) Female: Oz (Taylor Momsen)

District 7

Male: KayKay (Dean Geyer) Female: Mara (Lily Collins)

Mentor: Sephie (Clemence Posey)

District 8

Male: OPEN (open) Female: Siana (Anna Kendricks)

District 9

Male: Austin (Stephen Lunsford) Female: Anna (Holland Roden)

District 10

Male: Kayla (Ian Harding) Female: Ethan (Shailene Woodley)

Mentor: Katie (Jana Kramer)

District 11

Male: LaLa (BooBoo Stewart) Female: Jo (undecided)

District 12

Male: Justin (Xavier Samuels) Female: Vicky (Emily Browning)

Mentor: Steph (Ben Barnes)

You all have until Thursday 28th March 11:59 PM EST to send in your application unless you’ve been specifically told otherwise.

Welcome to the 33rd Annual Hunger Games my tribabies!

CGM Minnie x.

Interview: Alyssa Gardener, District 6
  • Caesar Flickerman:And now our female tribute from District 6, she's another higher PT scorer. Let's hear it for Alyssa Gardener! *crowd cheers*
  • Alyssa:*Walks toward Caesar and stares at him and the crowd with interest* Hello…*voice trails off*…It’s nice to finally meet you Caesar!
  • Caesar Flickerman:You too, my dear, you too. Sit sit, tell us how you're enjoying the Capitol so far?
Interview: Adelaide Paisley, District 10
  • Caesar Flickerman:Next up is a surprising young lady all the way from District 10. She earned an 11 and shocked everyone, so let's meet her! Round of applause for Adelaide Paisley! *crowd cheers*
  • Adelaide:*struts on stage with a bouncy wave and big smile* Hey ya’ll! It’s great to be here tonight!
  • Caesar Flickerman:Well aren't you enthusiastic? *chuckles* So tell us all, Adelaide, what's your favorite thing about the Capitol so far?
Interview: Aoife Kallisto, District 9
  • Caesar Flickerman:Up next is a girl that loves red so much, she's battling Stella for who has the best shade of rouge locks! Please welcome Aoife Kallisto! *crowd cheers*
  • Aoife:Aoife: *walks out stoically, not smiling, but serious and glazing over the audience” Hello, Caesar. What a beautiful night.
  • Caesar Flickerman:It is my dear, it is. So tell us, red hair, red dress... what's the obsession about?
Interview: Oliver Rush, District 6
  • Caesar Flickerman:Up next, he's quite the daredevil I hear, ladies and gentlemen put your hands together for Oliver Rush! *crowd cheers*
  • Oliver:Well Hello Caesar, as colorful as always *shake his hand*
  • Caesar Flickerman:*chuckles* Why thank you my boy. You should try it, I think something red or orange might suit you, wouldn't you say?
Interview: Theodore Lincoln, District 2
  • Caesar Flickerman:Here comes one of your favorite male Careers, ladies and gentlemen. Let's see if he's as fearsome as his PT score makes him out to be! Round of applause for Theordore Lincoln! *crowd cheers*
  • Theodore:*walks on stage and gives the crowd a wave and an open happy smile as he sits opposite Caesar, offering a hand for him to shake* Good Evening Panem, Good Evening Caesar, You look amazing, as always.
  • Caesar Flickerman:*shakes his hand* Well well aren't you the gentleman. Thank you sir. Might I say you look handsome yourself? Are you enjoying the Capitol fashions?

33rd Arena: Hidden Buddhist Temple

Here are some quick notes as you explore the arena, but there’s more to discover! Please use this information as you discover things, your tribute would not inherently know these things right away. Approx size of arena is 1 square mile. There is a thick fog that covers the arena in the morning, dissipates during the afternoon, and comes back at night, however due to cloud cover, you will never see the sun. The arena temperature is approx 90-95 degrees at all times. There is little to no breeze and the humidity is awful. Trees do not offer much cover. Grass is about 2 feet tall, 3 feet in areas far from trees. Mountains are uninhabitable and offer dangers to not allow tributes past the base of the range. Front “porch” and side areas of temple are open to the elements and have no windows. The temple sits about 5 feet off the ground.

Tribute Locations (also for reference, not to be used IC):

  • A - Chase
  • B - Deja Vu
  • C - Lavender
  • D - Axel
  • E - Theo, Ade, Oliver, & Lana
  • F - Samson & Wendy
  • G - Gemma
  • H - Xander
  • J - Morocco
  • K - Alyssa
  • L - Damien
  • M - Avia & Aoife

And in case you were wondering about the arena clue and what our mystery system has been… Every time you did something good, like helping a tribute during training or volunteering for a 12 year old, you received good karma. Every time you did something bad, like fought in training or killed someone during your PT, you received bad karma. Everything you did counted for or against you, which weighed heavily in our decisions as to whether or not you’d live, die, or escape injured. In Buddhist tradition, it’s called Karma. Ain’t it a bitch?

Interview: Gemma Mylan, District 7
  • Caesar Flickerman:As well all know last year’s Victor Farren Lingard came from the lovely District of 7 let’s see what it has to offer this year with the beautiful Gemma Mylan! *audience claps*
  • Gemma:Hello Caesar, *smiles*
  • Caesar Flickerman:Hello Gemma! With the Victor of last year coming from your very own District, do you feel that it has had an effect on you?