1 high hang clean + 2 power cleans at body weight today! (115#) and of course with Drake singing to me ❤️

"Do right and kill everything"

Hopefully consistently posting my wods will keep me accountable and pull me through my situation. Thanks guys for all the support and encouragement, especially my tumblr friends!!! #wod #rx #crossfit


RD + BS // Climb, Clean, Row

WARM: 400m run, inchworm to pushup 1 thru 5, 15 KBS, 5 one arm KBS ea., 5 push press kb, 5 heavier Russian swings, kb hip mashing, 10 jump squats


10 min. EMOM
Odd: 3-5 Ring Dips
Even: 6-8 Back squat 70% (155#)

- rest -

16 min. AMRAP
1 Rope cilmb
5 PC 75% (112.5#)
400m row

25 total strict ring dips
40 total back squats at 155#

5+6 RXd at 115#

Ring dips hurt my chest a bit, but they typically do so I just have to monitor what is normal and what will cause serious pain. Back squats were a trip. The first 4 reps were good. Then I’d get to 6 ok. And the last two reps were a grind.

The AMRAP was not so fun. I like rope climbs and cleans. I hate rowing. The cleans were heavy, but I did 115# :) - mostly singles. I wish I got at least 6 rounds. My rope climbs were off tonight. Not getting a good grip.

And my forearms are blown up from Saturday. Still. Advil galore today.

iamthespookicorn-wizard said:

Rodrigo, I want to GM a game of World of Darkness with my regular gaming group, but I don't know a) which game I want to play and b) whether I'd run new or old WOD! I remember talking about WOD on the show, and I'd want your opinion.

Definitely go with new WoD, it’s going to be easier to find and a lot simpler to play. Get the New World of Darkness core and read through it. If you decide that a survival horror-type game is not for you then move on to vampire: the requiem, read through that. If that doesn’t float your boat look at changeling, then mage, then hunter, then werewolf, then promethean. Why that order? I think that’s the most accessible to least accessible order.


Easing back into it and balancing work and family means it’s 8:13pm I’m in the backyard with these muppets attempting to workout.

5x5 clean grip deadlift @ 50kg

10 mins amrap
1 bear complex
10 double unders
Add 1 rep and 10 dus per round

3 rounds plus 1 Complex

Rest 5 mins then

300m farmers carry with 15kg plate in each hand


Whilst working out at home everything I program will always include one of my areas I need to get better at tonight it’s Double Unders. These are what held me up tonight.

Oh and I’m 3 days into detoxing off of sugar again, my head fucking hurts

Malkavian 1: But what if that’s what the spirits do, they manifest as your greatest fear.

Malkavian 2: Just don’t tell them what your greatest fear is.

Ventrue: [loudly, addressing the spirits] Mine’s money!