Daily download:
1) ootd- black J. Crew pixie leggings, J. Crew boots and a target oversized sweater.
2) protein oatmeal for breakfast (and my hair, which I air dried/ slept on wet)
3) I ordered a scarf from ree-lifts!
4) one of many snacks today
5-7) workout selfies. Just did cardio today.
8) coq au vin for dinner
9) packing the essentials for a weekend away 😂

Have a good Thursday night!!


I love having an amazing coach. I am beyond grateful for everything he’s taught me in just a few months. Today felt like a therapy session. I was venting to him, and then we crushed it for a solid hour & a half. Sometimes you just need that extra push from someone who knows you can do it. That’s my coach on the left, back squatting 365#, and me on right working on some power clean and jerks.

When Coaching Inspiration Goes Awry

Left the box this morning after my workout to find this text waiting for me from my friend Erin (our local baker):

For some reason, I decided that instead of buns of steel, we were all more realistically working towards buns of aluminum … it made them laugh, which is all I really cared about.

As for me, well, let’s just say I’m working around some stuff after a failed Snatch yesterday. Pretty annoyed but I’ve finally reached the point where I’m taking the Snatch off the table for my training. Le sigh.

For today:
Smolov, Jr.; Week 1, Day 2
Shoulder Press
7x 5 @ 75% - 116.25 lb.

8 Minute AMRAP
24 Double Unders
10 Weighted Lunge Steps - 55 lb./35 lb.
8 Box Jumps 24”/20” 6 Ring Rows

Result: 5 + 28

I always forget how freaking slow weighted lunge steps are.

Brujah: “-goes into frenzy over broken CD-“

Brujah: “-throws Gangrel party member out the window-“

Sun: “-rises-“

And that’s how we lost our character with the most experience.

Alto: Narcoleptic Agoraphobe and Space/Mind mage that lives in a bus

Virtuous: Another mage and Alto’s roommate that is also a therapist.

Virtuous: I have a plan!

Alto: I’m listening.

Virtuous: You’re not going to like it.

Alto: …I’m gonna have to leave the bus again, aren’t I?