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Got tagged twice… So…. First set of questions:
1. Favorite book? Harry Potter and _______________
2. Zayn’s plaid shirt or Niall’s polo? Niall’s polo
3. Food or music? Ah shit… Uh… Music.
4. Do you consider yourself a Directioner? Sure, don’t really know what the exact definition of one is today but okay.
5. Niall blond or brunette? Blond with brunette hair on the sides ;)
6. Do you ship Larry Stylinson? I do, not as hardcore as most.
7. Danielle/Liam or Louis/Eleanor? Danielle/Liam
8. What would you do for VIP seats? I’d do a lot of things :3 but to be honest I’d rather be in the back rocking out. I would not handle being so close to them.
9. Last TV show you watched? Law and Order
10. Favorite color? Rainbow. Not an option? Blue
11. Favorite 1D quote? “You gotta live hardcore to be hardcore.” Liam Payne

Second set:
1. What would you like to be when you grow up. 
Musician of some sort or a therapist.
2. Do you have any special talents?
Special meaning…….? I can sit on the computer for long amounts of time.
3. If you were going to be stuck on a desert island for a long period of time and you could bring a book and a person, who and what would the be, and why?
I would bring ‘How to get off a desert island’ by me because I feel it would be useful. And I would bring Obama because the secret service would be looking for him and he could pull some strings for me to meet my favorite celebrities.
4. If you were an animal, what would you be?
A fox cause they’re cool.
5. If you could live in one fictional universe what would it be and why?
Harry Potter isn’t fictional so um….. Star Wars cause I’d like to be a Jedi.
6. Describe yourself by choosing fictional characters which you think you resemble, personality wise.
I am going to choose Katniss from Hunger Games cause she is B.A. and doesn’t like people, and is awesome. Like me.
7. If you were going to travel back in time, where and when would you like to go first?
I would go to the moment when 1D was formed and become friends with them all so I could be friends with them now.
8. Favorite nicknames?
9. If you could have one superpower what would it be?
To fly without aid of a broomstick or muggle flying contraption.
10. Most of the time people daydream about being in different places than they usually are, is there any place that you wish you could be at this moment?
I wish I could be on the otherside of the couch.
11. Which song do you think best describes you?
I can’t answer this question cause I have no idea.
12. If you could marry who ever you wanted, who would it be and why?
I would marry any one of my grow best guy friends because they understand me the most and can make me laugh.

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Okay that’s eight… I dunno who else to do. So if you wanna do this, just do it.

New questions:
1. Who would you want to be the sixth member of 1D if possible? Yourself is not an answer.

2. Rather hang out with Larry or Ziam for the day?

3. Choose a song to describe yourself. What verse is your favorite in the song?

4. Life live for the moment or relax and enjoy the rollar coaster of life?

5. Stuck in a forest in the middle of no where, chose seven people you’d want to be with.

6. Going off of the last question, would you be the leader of the group? If not, what would your probable roll be?

7. Rather be tumblr famous and have no one talk to you? Or have almost no followers and have them talk to you 24/7?

8. Chose someplace else you’d want to live, why this place?

9. Rather be great friends with One Direction but never see them in person, or have one magical day with them and don’t ever see them again?(meaning in concert and everything.)

10. Favorite bromance? Why do you like it so much?

11. How many languages can you speak? If more than one please write a sentence in the other language.

Ok bye

woahryan-deactivated20140409 asked:

To that disgusting FUCKER of a human sending Lauren hate: How fucking DARE you sit there and hide behind the anon button and say such DISGUSTING words, literally if anyone needs to go die its YOU anon hater, how can you sit there and make an innocent person who has done NOTHING to you make them feel like that. Your words are damaging. You are disgusting and need help. To Lauren: They're just meaningless words. You're perfect just as you are.


but omg ryan this is like the nicest thing ever I don’t even know what to say but thank you ok x

woahryan-deactivated20140409 asked:

people who tell other people to go and kill themselves? i'm literally speechless at how anyone could type such disgusting words.. if the person that said that to you is reading this hop on over to my blog motherfucker and we'll discuss this privately... unless you're too much of a fucking pussy and have to sit behind the anon button because you're too god damn afraid, coward.

woahryan-deactivated20140409 asked:

Literally fuck this person, don't listen to shit they say, I can tell you for a FACT you are NOT fat OR ugly! You are beautiful and should NEVER receive such derogatory and disgusting words, I'm literally so sorry that that anon could even say anything to such a lovely human being who doesn't deserve any of the insecurities or problems that she has. Please stay strong, so many people actually DO care about you- Fuck those meaningless grey letters. <3

omg wefdghv wot this is like the nicest thing ever!!!! this has actually cheered me up loads you’re great ok thank you x x

p.s just posting so i can look back at this ok x 

woahryan-deactivated20140409 asked:

i find it hilarious that some dumb ass anon started hating on you because of your ask box, shows they are clearly jealous of your entire blog, popularity and amount of followers but you as a person by throwing pointless insults and saying they get enjoyment from making you feel down, it's like they are just showing that you are the better person in this all and they are just being some worthless piece of shit harassing you for fun

they wish their ask box was as cool as mine lets be honest :P some people need to get a life but honestly im more upset that i missed ANOTHER twitcam brb crying forever