On Wednesday, the US conducted its first nuclear test in more than two decades in Nevada, amid a growing global urge for nuclear disarmament.

Hiroshima mayor Kazumi Matsui told reporters: “I wonder why [US] President [Barack] Obama, who said he would seek a nuclear-free world, carried out the test. [The experiment] is proof that the United States could use nuclear weapons anytime. Such a country is not qualified to be a world leader.”“


EGS - 3 LETTERS (Short documentary)

While we where working on the book 3 LETTERS we also recorded this short documentary about EGS. We hooked up with him in his studio, walked the streets of Helsinki and ended up in an old abandoned factory in Tallinn, Estonia. Get to know how it all started in Helsinki, how people started interrailing and building up a international network and of course how he got the name EGS.

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