The Great Hall

(#WL12 Saturday night venue)

The Great Hall was built in 1889 by the founder of the Moore Corporation, Samuel J. Moore, Architects Gordon & Helliwell were chosen to design this four storey building. It is approximately 30,000 sq ft. with a full basement. It housed the first west end YMCA in Toronto. The “Y” offered athletic facilities that included a gymnasium with a raised running track, and a basement swimming pool. Canadian native marathon star Tom Longboat worked out here when he won the Boston Marathon in 1907, as did chocolate magnate and accomplished amateur wrestler, Morden Neilson, it was also home to some of the earliest basketball games every played in history.

In 1912 the property was sold to the Royal Templars of Temperance, who conducted business in the building until 1940’s when there was a major shift in the buildings use. It was acquired by the Polish National Union, and soon, presses on the ground floor were rolling out of copies of The Polish Voice newspaper. On the top floor, rooms were pressed into service as temporary shelter for Polish refugees fleeing the war in Europe.

In the mid 1980’s the rumble of the presses were replaced by the sound of experimental music and avant-garde art. The Toronto School of Art eventually helped to establish 1087 Queen St. West as an important address for Toronto’s arts community. 


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Year & Place of Origin: Always Been/In the woods just outside of Hamilton

Band Members: Motëm

First played Wavelength: WL newbie!

Playing #WL12 on Sunday, February 19th @ The Garrison

Notable Releases:

Tales From the Cryptid (2010) Download:

The Forthcoming Mixtape (2011) Download:

Purveyors of: non-core skweee  File next to: the light at the end of the tunnel

With Motëm, formerly known as Slow Hand Motëm, you never really know if his primary goal is to get you dancing or to fuck with you. But he excels at both. Motëm is known to constantly push himself, exploring new territory and pushing his boundaries. This is a guy that doesn’t relax, he’s made a lot of electro-funk and hip hop, and now he’s Canada’s ambassador of skweee ( Imagine some kind of unholy crossover between The Avalanches, chopped and screwed, and MF DOOM and you’re scratching the surface. It’s a revelation, and some of the smartest electro you’ll find. - Ryan McLaren

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Watch The Weather Station perform Came So Easy from 2011’s All Of This Was Mine in a video by Southern Souls.

The Garrison

(#WL12 last night venue) 

Named after Garrison Creek, The Garrison venue/bar opened in 2009. The former Portuguese sports bar was opened by former Sneaky Dee’s booker, Shaun Bowring. You might know Shaun from his days in the late 80s/early 90s Toronto synth-rock band Teknakuller Raincoats, his more recent indie-rockin’ band OK Lucky or his role playing the lead singer of the fictional band “Children of Paradise” in Bruce McDonald’s 1989 film Roadkill. The opening of The Garrison helped paved the way for the Dundas West nightlife scene that we know today.   

In 2011 The Garrison underwent renovations creating a unique venue space as well as bar. The back room holds a wide variety of shows/events and the front room is a chill hang out bar that has a rotating roster of guest DJs and fun events like Hipster Bingo.

Wavelength called The Garrison home towards the end of the weekly series and starting February 26th our own Doc Pickles will be starting a new weekly Sunday series called Crosswires. - Dorice Tepley


Steam Whistle

(#WL12 Friday night venue & sponsor)

Steam Whistle, an independent craft brewery housed in Toronto’s historic John Street Roundhouse, has a singular focus of making just one beer of exceptional quality that Canadians can be proud of. They craft their refreshing pilsner with traditional brewing methods and only four natural ingredients. Steam Whistle Pilsner is packaged in signature green glass bottles, cans & draught, and is shipped fresh across Ontario, Alberta and more recently B.C. Steam Whistle welcomes more than 100,000 visitors to the brewery each year to the on-site retail store, for a tour or to attend one of the many on-site events, concerts and art shows. Highly awarded for its premium beer, its business success, community support and environmental practices, Steam Whistle Pilsner is now one of the top selling craft beer brands in Ontario.


The Shop under Parts and Labour

(#WL12 Thursday night venue feat. Eucalyptus, Man Made Hill, Slim Twig, Odonis Odonis, Metz)

Opened in 2010, the former hardware store was transformed into Parts and Labour restaurant/bar/music venue from the folks behind The Social and Oddfellows. Enlisting Mark Pesci’s Toronto Punk & Hardcore Shows main man, Mark Pesci as the booker, The Shop is a hot bed for punk, noise, hardcore and red hot rock n’ roll. Mark keeps things interesting by mixing in themed DJ nights, all ages shows, and the occasional foosball tournament, in between regular gigs. Regardless what you’re checking out, expect it to be a late night as shows usually start after 10pm (due to being below a restaurant).


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