At the Server | play.mahcraft.net / hub.minethemass.com

I’ve known the server since about 1.2.5 as a replacement server and as soon I logged in, it felt as if the whole server had this chemistry about each other, that everyone could be friends. No seriously, this is a friendly server with a variety of personalities to hold the positions as staff.

Gratefully, the server that was replaced came back online and I left the community of MahCraft [ Now called MinetheMass ]. And a few months later during the transition between 1.3 and 1.4, I’ve been back and been able to reconnect with the new-ish community and bring back memories with the community I befriended months ago.

Overall, this is my emotional connection with this server, and if you joined it, I’d think you would to.

MinetheMass Features:

  • Zombie Survival
  • Survival Games
  • Parkour
  • Friendly Staff
  • Overstimulating Creations
  • Heartfelt Love 

WizMark’s Let’s Play Series | Season 1 Episode 19 - Coping Part 2

Day 22

My eyes flickered, they kept blinking left and right. Which way should I go? I didn’t want to get mad at Harrison because this wasn’t his fault! But if we had just never met, I wouldn’t be lost in the woods! Away from my home, and away from my precious supplies! 

Panic began leaking into my thoughts as going straight was not at all uplifting. Nothing gave me a sign to where I should go! I even tried using the compass, but it brought me to nothing but a patch of dirt. What’s good of a compass if it does not work? Defeating the purpose of a compass!

Along the way, I didn’t know who to blame. Because this was all Harrison’s fault! I didn’t know how to react. I knelt down to my knees and yelled, “Thanks a lot, Harrison! You ruined my life! If you weren’t such a good dog, I wouldn’t be in so much pain right now!” 

My anger, and all my thoughts about Harrison seemed to disappear once I began recognizing the land, close to Piggie Forest. And I realized that I was just an island away from my precious home.

I decided to end this, gracefully. Because of who Harrison was, I am me, today. This is why I engraved a new message on the epitaph saying, “Because YOU WERE YOU and that’s all that matters…” I stopped to myself and thought about Harrison for one last time. Because I knew for sure this was the last time I’d ever have to cry over a dog again. Because Harrison would want me to be better. Because I have become better.

I smelted all my goodies I received from the cave exploration, and ended the night feeding wheat to the sheep. Because I knew the sheep wouldn’t kill a creeper in the name of saving my life. And I’m thankful for that.


WizMark’s Let’s Play Series | Season 1 Episode 10 - Recovery Part 1

I decided to venture out into a nearby cave once more to gather some materials for my own use. I hoped my new clock and compass would accumulate some luck with me.

But that luck ran out as I encountered two skellies waiting to attack at me. With my sword, I bounced the sword back onto the other, causing riots to come about. As the skellies killed rampaged on each other, I ran into a green blob of slime, that multiplied with ever single slash I tore at it. 

And when I thought it was over, lava gloomily filled the shadows, cradling all around me…

Introduction to Just Your Average Minecrafter

Hey everyone. Welcome to my blog “Just Your Average Minecrafter” under wizcraftgaming.tumblr.com. :D

I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Justin Mark and I’m an avid Minecraft player. I’ve been playing Minecraft ever since 1.5 Beta, but only really started playing until 1.7.3 Beta. 

I’ve decided that Tumblr is such a great website for blogging and those sorts, that why can’t Tumblr be great for Let’s Plays? And that’s exactly why I’m here. 

Some Minecraft players don’t have the equipment to create videos on Youtube and this is a great alternate. [ Although, I do have a few videos on Youtube on my Youtube Channel: WizCraftGaming ]

I will also be posting all other sorts of Minecraft - related material on here so enjoi! :D