There was a gull corpse near the gas station up the street for the past few weeks, and the ants have been cleaning it up nicely. I walked by it again earlier today, but I couldn’t see what was left through the tall grass. I did, however, spot a huge Shaggy Ink Cap Mushroom. The ones growing in my back yard one year had been the size of my thumb, but this one was probably the size of my foot.

I was in a hurry, so I couldn’t linger to inspect it all, but I’m going back out later to see it. I’m going to take a plastic bag and a little cork vial with me just in case I decide to take something home.

ikeaism said: YES thats the one im gonna reread it because yr making me feel so emotional abt wolfstar honestly its the only thing that still hits me hard and yr posts are so good rn it is a masterpiece

ahhhh wixie thanku!!!!! that feel tho. i hav small obsessions with tv shows and books and things but hp always still remains. and ships come and go but wolfstar. wolfstar always gets me right in the feels *puts fist to heart* right in the feels……….