radio playlist; 4/07/2012

i’m part of the radio station on my university’s campus (millersville university, pa - the station is wixq). i used to primarily play variety, but i’ve shifted more towards a genre-restricted show. in this case, i play mostly pop punk, emo, screamo, and hardcore. if anybody cares to listen (and to perhaps listen to some bands that aren’t well known but definitely should be), my current show is from 12pm-2pm every saturday. i cohost the show so i only have one of those two hours for my music (and it alternates every week), but after this semester i’m going to try to pick up a time slot of my own. to listen in, go to and click on the link to listen to the online player. my playlist for this upcoming saturday is (and there are some trainees on the show right now so i only have a half hour):

american football - you know i should be leaving soon
1994! - acknowledge the rage
merchant ships - long term relationships were only cool when divorce wasn’t
midwest pen pals - bobby markos posi talk
park jefferson - a homemade portland
street smart cyclist - pastor of muppets
snowing - methuselah rookie card
spraynard - spooky, scary
the promise ring - b is for bethlehem
we were skeletons - weekend at moleman’s, pt. 2