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I was tagged by acceptablecannibalism.

Do you know how odd that feels just typing those words? LOL

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@wittybloggerusername Hahahah I know right. I’m reading the original Arthurian stuff rn and I thought it fitting for my intimidating Swellow. It fits her perfectly. I’d have done Morgan or Morgan le Fay but Morgana has much more… Oomph.

@jagknoir NO OK LOOK AT THE THING. I’m playing a hacked ROM and for some peculiar reason all the Tynamo are “poisoned” as part of the plot? So out of curiosity I caught one to see if I could heal it (nope) but to keep the theme Claudius fit because he’s the poison of Denmark and probably useless (I’ll keep him for a bit but he’s ultimately a temp) but it’s so PERF ok

@adolfus-hitler hahahah oh yep. Blame my friend hah