doubles: completely weird photo by joel peter witkin. i know very little about this photo, but it does appear to be of two decapitated identical twin heads posed to look like they’re kissing. doesn’t look like it has been faked in any way. 

ok so now i’ve found some info on this photo. title is the kiss, new mexico, 1987. it is of a single post-mortem head split down the middle and then the two halves posed to look like separate heads. wow.

funny enough, witkin has a twin brother himself.

a pivotal scene in confessions of a justified sinner involves the close inspection of a corpse, which appears miraculously to have been perfectly preserved after 100 years in the ground.



“People who hate what I make hate me, too. They must think I am a demon or some kind of evil sorcerer. Those who understand what I do appreciate the determination, love, and courage it takes to find wonder and beauty in people who are considered by society to be damaged, unclean, dysfunctional, or wretched.”

—Joel Peter Witkin