withtwowhyys asked:

maybe it's my aries/pisces cusp- but you seem to have a dislike/disinterest towards aries in your original posts. just wondering why (i've got that aries sun sign, and aquarius moon- just so you can see where im coming from)

Daw :( I’m sorry you feel that way, but I truly do love Aries peeps  I mean almost half of my relationships have been with Aries people and they ended quite amicably. And I try my best to dispel the habit of young astrologers to boil aries down to angry ego driven war mongers, I mean hell supposedly Buddha was an Aries with his complete love of living in the moment and all. So no I don’t dislike Aries people but I would love to know which post/s your talking about so that I could maybe tweak them as to avoid further Aries related  misunderstandings. 

withtwowhyys asked:

hiiiiiiiiiiii! -i really like your readings on people & was wondering what you had to say about an aries sun/aquarius moon/sagittarius rising kind of human. :)

Hiiiiii you caught my attention because you look kinda like one of my friends…so, here you go! You have an awesome combination that is built for action, revolution, rebellion, spontaneity, and exploration. You’ve got a lot of ideas and progressive thoughts. You may be too ready to act or unfeeling to situations- you like to have fun and for those around you to have fun, too…so…you can keep having fun…does that make sense? Hahaha. You are super intellectual and contain two fire signs so you are dynamic and full of energy- this needs to be channeled through something or it can turn into the tearing apart of self. Love love love my friend, that is the best advice. You are a born humanitarian so using those instincts for good is important :)