Well, Death Battle may say Mario is a loser, but I still like him. 

This picture is my way of saying that I should love my favorite characters even if they lose. Because in the end, they’re still fun!

In case no one can recognise, the pose that I drew Mario in, and the words he says, is referenced from Gravity Falls from the episode ‘Fight Fighters' when Dipper got beaten up. Poor kid.

Not what he needed to see today. (Closed RP.)




Every sound caused him to flinch, which was very out-of-place for the cocky world-renowned hero.

Sonic had managed to make it this far without anyone noticing his eye problem or his odd new ‘manicure’, with the help of his gloves and some hastily-snatched sunglasses.

Shadow would know what to do, he’s been through this kind of crap before.

Despite how he tried to rationalise it, the truth was that he just needed someone. He’d either pushed everyone else away ‘for their safety’ or they’d have disappeared on their own accord, not out of malice but of necessity - Blaze had her home in the Sol Dimension to look after, and Sonic had convinced her to try to talk Silver into living with her, at least temporarily. Tails was safer without the hedgehog. The ultimate lifeform was likely more than capable of holding his own, come worst case scenario.

Sonic wasn’t looking where he was going, so he didn’t notice when his foot caught on an eerily still black figure on the ground. Already having trouble keeping his balance, he proceeded to fall on his face. Adding insult to injury, he landed in a puddle of.. Something. Great. G r e a t.