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I really would love to hear what a psychic or spiritual person would say about Yunho and Changmin’s relationship. I know I might sound delulu or crazy but I seriously believe that fate brought them together. I always think about why it was Yunho and Changmin off all people. Why didn’t Changmin get stuck with Yoochun or why didn’t Yunho get stuck with Junsu etc. I legit think that they were meant to be together and meant to be pillars in each other’s lives from the start. I don’t just think the split was an accident. I think something brought them together and made them so compatible yet different from each other. 

When I watch their interviews, I get a different vibe from them compared to other duo’s. Yunho and Changmin don’t act like buddies that joke around like Eunhae or FTTS, but they just seem at home when they are together. They aren’t nervous around each other or pressured to change their personalities around each other. Like the SPUR photographer said, even in their pictures, they relax more when they are together rather than alone. I would do anything to hear a specialist talk about their bond and how deep it is. 


You know how most of us are wondering if the bracelets have different powers because of the recent episode showing Rin’s kidnapping, right? Of course, I can’t be the only one imagining what the other three bracelets can do. But then I realize that the bracelets might not be the only set of “four objects with mystical powers”.

Now what other group is quad in number, crucial to the plot, and held by people that share the same face?

That’s right- The 4 Dimension Dragons

Now before you go “well duh, they are the plotty plot dragons that drive the Yu4 crazy, captain obvious”, consider this: 

What if each dragon has a different (out of duel) power like the bracelets? Other than their implied shared instinct to fight each other to the point of causing their wielders to go berserk (and what happens when a dragon and his Yuboy lose a duel to another dragon and his Yuboy. You know the episode.):

  • Yuugo’s dragon seems to be the only one who can travel between dimensions so far.
  • Yuya’s dragon has up-grade forms if you consider that a individual power. 
  • Yuuto’s dragon so far hasn’t shown a individual power whenever it was taken out outside of dueling.
  • Yuuri’s dragon hasn’t made it’s actual debate, so let’s not go there.

Now here’s what I notice when Clear Wing and Odd Eyes use their unique “abilities”:

  • Clear Wing transports Yuugo to where the other Yuboys are (either right there or in the area)
  • Odd Eyes’ Pendulum upgrade so far is from overlaying Dark Rebellion. This happen after Yuya and Yuuto merged.

Now if you add what I pointed out to the above mention bracelet theory, you get this theory:

If the bracelets do have different powers to separate the Yu4,
then the dragons might have different powers that aim to fuse the Yu4.

[ pray circle for the executioner giving more answers because, i mean, it is the keeper of secrets after all ] 

Like, honestly, now that AoU has wasted my time, I don’t see any movie this year topping Kingsman.

Wake me when the sequel is announced. 

Hello. Over a month ago my husband left his job to accept a new and better job offer. It turns out this job has no work for weeks at a time (or longer). Right now we have no idea when they will actually have work for him. He has tried to get on unemployment and is still waiting to hear back. He’s been looking for work and has had no luck.

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I am on disability which helps, but we really need a little extra help right now. I would never ask for help like this but I really don’t know what is going to happen to us. If you can help at all, we thank you.



“well, i’m relieved. guess i got lucky…”
“you’re about to. maybe you’re seeing the future again, yeah? it’s got no underpants…”