It’s that time again! Markiplier (me) is running another Charity Livestream for another great cause! We’re trying (going) to raise $50000 for the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance! Mental illness is too often looked down upon as far as medical treatment goes. Too much doubt and misunderstan…

Hey gang, the donation page is up! We’re back with GoFundMe which allows us to see the donations in real-time and allows the money to go directly to the charity which means I don’t have to handle anything! So please help spread the word about the Charity and the Livestream which starts at 10am PST (1pm EST). 

It’s gonna be a lot of fun and will raise money for a great cause!

One day Gansey pulls into the lot at monmouth and gasps in horror as he sees Blue and Ronan dancing around a bonfire made from his stupid shoes

So let me get this straight, Derek told Melissa to tell Rafael to tell Stiles to tell Scott that the antidote was in the Hale Vault.