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""""CEO"""" of a """"company"""" that sells all of 6 shirts. congrats!

You mean a company that won first place at a business competition and competed internationally against people from around the world. Not to mention we have 9 t-shirt designs, 4 sweater designs, 4 beanie designs with 12 more coming next week. Oh, did I mention that I started the company with my allowance money and now it’s funding my college tuition. Now I’m mentioning all these things not because I like to post about it daily to show off, but it’s just to show you that all you have accomplished today was sending me this anon acting like a little shit

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  1. If you are financially able, please consider donating as well to the relief effort in Nepal through any of these charities.
  2. Even if you can’t donate, an awesome organization called Tab For A Cause allows you to raise money while you surf the webJust donate to Save the Children, which is currently focusing on the crisis in Nepal.

Oh, and I’m true to my word; I’ll post proof that I matched every note with donations.

“Intimacy is required for an allowance”

lol no

More seriously, this is a terrible offer. No way I’ll accept $1000 a month. If he wants to meet two times a week for one month, than it’s $125 per date. That’s not even enough for a dinner at a good restaurant. That’s pathetic. He can’t afford being a Sugar Daddy.

Additionally, judging by what he wants, a date would take up a good portion of my day - let’s say six hours. That would round up to $21 per hour, just a little over a living wage. And that’s part of the day, imagine being with him for a whole day.

Besides me setting aside a good chuck of my time, besides the expenses I’ll have to spend to prepare for a date, and besides the companionship I, intelligent and beautiful, offer, he requires intimacy. No way I’ll do something like that for $21 an hour, I can’t even be comfortable first and have my say.

Taking in account the bare minimum of time, preparation, companionship, and miscellaneous expenses, and being really, really generous, it should be at least $200 per hour. Not even counting intimacy.

$200/hour for at least six hours, twice a week, four weeks in a month, equals $9,600 per month. Which is too high for an average Sugar Daddy on Seeking Arrangements, so we’re already have a bunch of losses. 

But $2000 a month, which I can agree with, adding in the fact that I’m new to the sugar bowl, is still more than what I was making at my previous retail job, had I been working full time. I am doing this for financial assistance, and unlike the retail job, at least it’s not every single day, I would get to go places, look good, and have some fun.

The moment you hear “I would like to focus on shared experiences” or any other variation, slam the door in his face.

Milk out every cent you can.

“Allowance Talk” By BASB

After you have your first date behind you, the lines for allowance instantly open. You can talk on the second date, third, or fourth if you want to wait that long, but I advise you get the allowance talk out of the way pretty soon after the first meeting. There are several things that go into deciding how much YOU will expect out of a relationship:

  • How many meets per month
  • Platonic -vs- Sexual Relationship
  • Exclusive -vs- Non-Exclusive
  • How much time and emotional commitment does he expect
  • How will you get your money? Monthly Allowance? Weekly Allowance?

There are many different things that go into deciding your price range. For me, I know my prices and I DO NOT NEGOTIATE. I refuse. By this I mean that once I know all of the details of our arrangement, I get a price in my head and I will not take any lower than that. However, there are sugar babies that are okay with negotiating and we will go over that.

1. How to bring up an allowance - Most girls are torn on how to do this or they believe that the woman shouldn’t bring up the money aspect, but you have to realize that these men EXPECT this. And the last thing you need is to be waiting a month for a man to start offering an allowance. Bring it up very simply.

- “Now that we have had a chance to talk about our arrangement, lets talk about my allowance.”

- “So how much are you looking to spend on a sugar baby?”

- “Are you ready to discuss an allowance?”

-“Would you mind telling me the allowance of your previous sugar baby?”

Literally anything will work to get the ball rolling. *Remember never to be alone with a POT or SD before you have gotten an allowance. If they aren’t going to pay up before play time why the hell would they pay up after??*

2. Never offer an amount first - Always let him make the offer first. What if you have 2K set in your head and he says 3K? You just made a thousand dollars! BAM! This also gives you the opportunity to see where his price range truly is. If he asks you what you are expecting first, just flip the question on him:

“So how much are you expecting from a sugar daddy?”

“Well that depends, how much are you looking to spend?” (with a sly cute smile or a wink face via text)

Every occasionally you will find a POT that practically refuses to name a price. In this situation, you just need a tasteful response that makes it clear to him that you have made up your mind. Don’t let yourself be easily pushed around or put in a situation where you feel your back is against the wall. Try saying something along the lines of-

“I’m not really comfortable with quoting a price. I think that a man should take the lead when it comes to financial matters.”

That usually puts the ball back in their court permanently. Keep in mind, these men are successful and rich for a reason. They are smart and careful with their finances. A sugar daddy doesn’t become rich and powerful without knowing how to negotiate.

3. Aim high - When he makes an offer, he is going to low-ball you. 2K a month might sound like a lot to you, but that is most likely chump change to a real SD. So come back at least another 1K higher, maybe even more. At the worst he will just try to meet you in the middle.

4. If he doesn’t agree to your terms - End things politely. Even if he tries to fuck you with some 1K for 6-8 meets a month crap, be nice because you never can tell when he could come crawling back. If he is just bluffing to see if you will bite and you walk away then he will know you are serious.

Once again, be aware of your situation and don’t allow yourself to fall for the scam of having to sexually “audition” for a POT before an allowance is in place. He does not need a test run or private time to see if you “click”. Don’t let yourself be impressed with stories of how many houses, boats and cars they own to get you in bed.

There is a blog called the Escort Lover that also gives REALLY good advise how to step-by-step allowance negotiation, you can check that out here.

Source: http://blondeangelbaby.tumblr.com/TheAllowanceTalk

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k so update

in addition to the $70 i have/will have spent today on transportation to and from the train i missed today i also had to spend $30 to transfer my ticket to tomorrow

for the last five hours i’ve been wandering around burlington aimlessly with a backpack, 30-pound suitcase, period cramps, and <4 hours of sleep

today is the literal worst day somebody deliver me from this hell

I’m getting the desire to dye my hair blue, pierce something on my face, and get a tattoo at a very inopportune time in my life. 

i’m really fucking upset at ray bc they bought me the stupid dead island bundle on steam and they’re not allowed to spend money on me for one thing but also they spent their money on me and bought a shitty game

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Hi! Is it implied that a POT should be paying for the bill at a restaurant or even at a cafe on your first date (and every date after that)? If not..how do I go about making that clear? thanks!

I expect vanilla men to pay for vanilla dates, so Heck yes sugar daddies hould be paying for a date, c’mon girl! If he is going to be entering an arrangement that is focused on spoiling you, how on earth should you be going dutch on the first date. If a POT ever tries this on you …RUN FOR THE HILLS. Salt has a very nasty taste when you are expecting sugar.

One Note to add: always bring some money to cover the cost of the meal, in the terrible scenario that your date ever does the slipp. Before you start sugaring you may worry about how much money you can afford to bring but once you get your allowance, put some money in an envelope/purse and carry it as emergency money. This should be enough to cover a taxi, your meal and other emergency items. I have seen on tumblr, girls who have had to pay for their meal because they turned down sex and a salty pot just got up and left. Do not leave yourself vulnerable and open to embarrassment!

draco-illius-noctis replied to your postHey guys! Send me small drabble prompts! I’m at my…

I saw this earlier and thought it was hilarious (if you feel like doing a modern AU): “Hello I’m your boss and you’re the new employee who just saw me shove an entire cupcake into my mouth.” Cullrian, ofc!

It turned into something longer than a drabble, but here you go! Written quickly, so I probably have some typos. 

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