Exo Reactions To Feeling Their Baby Kick For The First Time

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Baekhyun: “Wow!” *smiles for days & tells anyone he can about it*

Chanyeol: “OH MY GOD. I felt it!” *rolls around on the ground*

Chen: *sits there with his hand on your stomach for a while, then when he feels the kick, he looks up at you with a giant smile*

D.O.: “Oh! It kicked! It kicked!” *jumps around & dances*

Kai: *he gets excited after he feels it & he looks around for someone to pull over & make them feel it too*

Kris: *typical cool guy reaction but you can see a little bit of emotion in his eyes*

Lay: “Whoa… That was a hard kick.” *shocked*

Luhan: “AH!” *speechless & proud, just sits there with a goofy smile*

Sehun: “I made that.” *trying to hide the fact that he’s internally screaming like a fangirl*

Suho: “Again, again, again! I want to feel it again!”

Tao: *freaking out* /featuring uncle Baekhyunnie/

Xiumin: *can’t stop smiling & actually has to stop himself from crying*

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proud moment

so i went to a wedding this weekend and i would like to preface this story by saying it was a bombass wedding. 

but there was a tornado.

the ceremony gets done. we sit down to eat. it’s all-you-can-drink wine and the organizer lady suddenly comes around whispering all conspiratorally that we’re gonna have to evacuate bc there’s a tornado. and we’re like cool can we bring our food and drinks?  

we evacuate to the building (there’s a peacock, for some reason there’s a fucking peacock on this ranch and he waddles right into the building too this fucking white peacock just walks right in with the guests) and Bernie, the bride, is in a back room panicking a little bit bc only like half the guests got food and they didn’t do the dances or the speeches and THERE’S A FUCKING TORNADO AT HER WEDDING so i walk in and i’m like ‘hey bernie.’ and she says ‘hey haley’ and i say ‘i’ve got something to tell u. it’s v important about tonight.’ so she waves me to go ahead and as the winds roar outside and the rain splatters against the window and her guests huddle together in masses of fruit and cheese plates in the other room half saying fuck the tornado and the other half being like no fucking way

i say

‘look. ur marriage is already weathering the storms.’


Melis Yalvac is probably one of the best equine photographers of her generation. In Italy, she studied architecture and classical dancing. Her natural sense for geometry and beauty has remained and is recognisable in each of her pictures. “I’m always looking for a little bit of magic in my photos and always try to give the feeling of what I’m photographing, whether it is free or ridden horses, in any discipline. I want to get people who don’t deal with horses to fall in love with them.” 

Website: http://www.melisyalvac.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/melisyalvacphotography
Instagram: https://instagram.com/melisyalvac/ 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MelisYalvac

Okay but when Enjolras studies/works for too long Grantaire comes over and performs the song “Just a Little Bit” complete with hyper-sexualised dance moves and moans

The dance being held in the gym actually made things seem a little bit normal and otherwise felt like a regular school dance instead of actually being at SHIELD with other Inhuman students and agents. And Bailee was determined to have herself a good time. She stood against the wall, listening to the music and moving her head to the tune. At the very least, she could enjoy the atmosphere of everyone around her. Then, she felt a presence next to her of an unknown stranger. Cocking her head, she turned ever so slightly towards the person. “Enjoying the dance?”


Genre: Fluff mainly, a little bit of… not angst, but something like it.

Summery:Pastel!Dan,Punk!Phil                                                                                            After multiple trips to the tattoo parlor with Phil, Dan decides to get      one for himself.

Words: 2,386


It was now the seventh?… eighth?… It was now the eighth time Dan had gone with Phil to get a tattoo. They had been dating for about 5 years and in those five years, Phil has gotten five new tattoos, just now about to get the sixth.

Dan loved how tattoos looked on Phil. The colorful ink contrasting with pale skin, seeing them dance as Phil’s muscles moved around underneath. It was beautiful and Dan loved every inch of skin Phil had to offer, inked or not.

He knew people that said getting a tattoo is painful, then others said it only felt like a small tingle. And in reality, it depended on your threshold for pain. And seeing Phil getting pictures permanently itched into his skin with out flinching, Dan assumed Phil had a pretty high tolerance for pain.

But he, himself, definitely didn’t have a high tolerance for pain. He fucking hated it. Being sore and having bruises, he absolutely hated it, and unless it had a good reason, he always tried to stay away from physical harm. Which was kind of hard, considering how clumsy he was. So the thoughts running through his head as he walked through the front door of the tattoo shop? He considered them insane.

He had decided that he, Daniel James Howell, would get a tattoo. It was a small, simple design that most likely, wouldn’t take long to ink on. But that didn’t help the thought that he was about to let somebody draw on his skin, with a needle.
Dan didn’t look like he belonged there, in that little tattoo shop. He wore over sized pastel sweaters; Light pink, lavender, baby blue. Colors like that. His jeans were such a light grey they appeared white, and he wore big flower crowns. The only thing that even remotely looked like they belonged were his black combat boots, and black ear studs. Everything else screamed ‘pansy, pushover’.

Along with the fact that he looked like he didn’t belong, he also hadn’t told Phil about it. He wanted it to be a surprise, since Phil was always telling him how good a tattoo would look on his lightly tanned skin. So with that thought in mind, he drew up a simple sketch and booked an appointment behind Phil’s back. On the same day, and almost the same time, but Phil didn’t know that, and he wanted to keep it like that for as long as possible. 

So, walking through the front door, Dan prepared himself for the worst.

Dan’s POV

“Hey, guys!"I turned my head towards the source of the voice. It was Mike, Phil’s regular artist. Phil almost always refused to get a tattoo from anyone else, so along the way, me and him became pretty good friends.

"Hey, Mike! How’re you doing?”

I amply walked around while Phil and Mike talked. I looked at all the different tattoos the shop had to offer, at the other artists working, I looked through the different colored inks, and made some small talk with the lady behind the counter. It was all pretty relaxing as I tried  not to freak out over what I was going to do. I had booked the appointment with this lady named Daphne, I was told she was the best artist for what I had in mind. And since it was sort of a big deal to me, I wanted the best the shop could offer.

I walked back to where Phil and Mike were, they had already started on inking Phil’s tattoo, cleaning the skin on his back, right below his neck. Usually Phil would tell me what he was gong to get on his skin, but this time he said he wanted it to be a surprise, so I had no clue to what it was.

“So, Phil, what are gonna get?” I was going to try to get an answer out of him, “Is it something fancy? Or is it simple? With lots of meaning?”

“I already told you Dan, it’s going to be a surprise. Just wait.”

“But I don’t want to wait!” I whined, a pout playing on my lips. Why couldn’t he just tell me?

My pout deepened when I heard him chuckle. He was laughing at me, how rude.

“Dan Howell! It’s time for your tattoo.”

It was my turn to laugh when I saw the look of bewilderment on Phil’s face. If he was going to be secretive, I would be too.

“Wait! You didn’t tell me you were going to get a tattoo!” Phil practically screeched.

“And you didn’t tell me what your tattoo was going to be. So fair trade.” I slightly smirked as I walked towards Daphne’s station. Seeing Phil in a state of surprise when he looked all intimidating was the funniest thing ever.

“It’s not a fair trade, at least you knew I was getting one, I didn’t even know the thought crossed your mind!”

I just rolled my eyes as I sat down pulling of my sweater to show a black tank top that was underneath, giving Daphne perfect access to the spot right below my neck, on my back. Just about the same spot as Phil, actually.

My and Phil’s bodies were forced to face each other in order to get the tattoos, so me and him just had a staring contest while we waited. I could feel anticipation and excitement mixing in with the tiny smidgen of fear I already had. Would phil like my tattoo, or would he find it creepy? Its only been five years since we started dating. He could think I’m going to fast.

I was so lost on thought that when I felt Daphne whip clean my skin, I had to stop myself from yelping. I did, however, jump a bit, and I felt heat rush to my cheeks as I heard her laugh.

“Calm down and don’t worry, you’re gonna be fine.”

“S-sorry,” I stuttered, “I’ve never gotten a tattoo before.”

“I’m aware of that. But just relax and it’ll be over before you know it.”

“Sure, if you say so.”

I took a deep breath and slowly exhaled.  I can do this, I’ll be fine. I just have to relax.

A small shiver ran up my spine as I heard Daphne turn on the needle. And then I felt a slight buzz as it connected with me skin. i was expecting a butt-load of pain, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It felt more like a small pricking, it would get annoying in a while, but it wasn’t unbearable. 

Time passed by, as I sat there, thinking. I was sure the tattoo would come out fine, it was simple and Daphne was an experienced artist. Actually, it wasn’t really a design, more fancy script with specific colors.

“Hey, Dan? I’m almost done , are you?”

I look up at the sound of Phil’s voice. He’s almost done? I look at the clock and realize an hour has passed. was I really  that lost in thought? wow. I turn my head slightly to see Daphne, trying to look at her but not mess her up.“I’m not sure,” I replied to Phil, “Hey, Daphne? are you almost done?”. I saw her nod her head.

“Yeah, almost finished. Just have to do the final details on the shading."I couldn’t stop the smile from creeping onto my face. In a few minutes I would be able to show Phil what I got for my first tattoo. I really hope he likes it.

Now that I wasn’t up in head space, the last, like, fifteen minutes felt like hours. I watched as Phil stood up from his chair, mike wiping down the excess ink and covering it in plastic wrap. he talked with mike until I was finished, and I don’t know if it’s just me, but he looked like he was trying all in his power to not show me his back.

I jumped as I felt the cold wipe against my heated skin. guess it’s finished. all my nerves started coming back as the prospect of now having to show Phil my tattoo dawned on me. both of us didn’t know what the other got and for all I know, it could go horrible.

I shakily stood up and walked over to Phil, keeping my back away from him and the mirrors. 

"Hey Phil. I’m finished.”

Phil looked up from his phone as I got closer, I could tell he was nervous from the way he bit his lip.what’s he nervous about?

“Hey, what you thinking of your first tattoo?” I realized Phil was trying to buy some time. but, really, so was I. 

“Well, it didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. but right now its a bit sore."I awkwardly shuffled over and sat next to him. 

"So, Phil? how’s your tattoo?” i pushed, i was going to find out what he got sooner or later, “What’d you get?" 

"Haha, nice try Dan. I’m not showing you mine until I see yours.”

“Yeah, that’s not happening. You can see mine, once I see yours.”

We went back and forth for a while until we agreed the we’d finish this at home. So we got up, paid, and said good bye to everyone in the shop. We walked out hand in hand but still made sure that the other couldn’t peek at our backs. It was a bit awkward trying to stand on the tube, we ended up standing face to face with about 6 inches between us. We stood in silence the entire way, trying to seize each other up with our stares.

Once we made it our apartment, I walked to the kitchen and made some tea. One cup for me and one cup for Phil. I took them to the lounge as I heard Phil take off his shoes and go to the office. He was probably checking if we got any important  emails or updates. I sat down and took a sip of tea as I waited for him to get back. I’d have to get him to cave first.

Phil walked back in a few minutes later and I saw him smile when he noticed the tea on the coffee table. He grabbed his cup and sat down next to me. We just looked at each other while taking sips of our drinks for about 15 before I decided to speak.

“So Phil, about that tattoo of yours…”

“No Dan. You’re showing me yours first.”

“No! I want to see yours first! please!”





We kept going back and forth until we had both finished our teas. But, finally, after much persuasion, I got Phil to cave.

“Fine!” He threw his hands into the air with an exasperated sigh, “I’ll show you first…”

I watched as he slowly got up. He was shuffling his feet, and fidgeting with the bottom of his hoodie before taking it off. He had a tank top on underneath that was low cut in the back, probably so that getting his tattoo would be easier.Right before he started to turn around he took a deep breath. He seemed a bit reluctant to show me tattoo for some odd reason. He looked me straight in the eyes as he slowly exhaled.

“OK, so… don’t freak out, when, you see my tattoo, OK? I’ll understand if you don’t like it…” He shuffled around a bit, a worried expression on his face, “but, it has a lot of meaning to me.”

Concern and worry had now settled in the pit of my stomach. Why would I not like it? I watched anxiously as Phil pulled up the back of his tank top to cover his tattoo before turning around. He took another deep breath, and let the fabric slide down.

My first reaction was to gasp, his tattoo was beautiful. I slowly walked up to his back. I lightly traced my finger over the elegant script, careful not to irritate the red skin any further. He had gotten… my name, the word Dan, in calligraphy, pretty much. All the letters intertwined in some way, and it sat against a background of gray, white, and black, all swirling as if it’s a tie-dyed piece if skin. I felt tears prick the corners of my eyes as I let a breathy chuckle out of my mouth. Soon enough I couldn’t control myself and was giggling uncontrollably. I backed up as I felt Phil turn around.

“Why are you laughing?!” My heart broke a bit when I heard his voice crack, “You don’t have to be rude and laugh at me!”

“NO! nonono,” I was trying to control my laughter. The last thing I want is for him to get upset. “I’m not laughing at you! I think its… beautiful.” I finished with a small smile. I’m sure he could see the tears in the corners if my eyes. Does he know I’m crying tears of joy? “It’s just… well, it’s your turn to see my tattoo, is it not?”

It was now my turn to turn around slowly. I did the same thing Phil did and pulled up my tank top, dropping the fabric to reveal my tattoo. The next few seconds were agonizing as I heard or saw no reaction, my eyes were squeezed shut. I heard him sigh, a bit amused sounding. I heard his foot steps lightly come behind me, and when his finger connected with my skin, I felt a shock. 

I could feel him tracing the letters itched in my skin. First the P than the h and the i, then finally the l. Phil. The word Phil had been drawn as if by the stroke of a paint brush, and behind it were splatters and lines of colorful watercolor. All blending into a canvas of color, and I felt him wrap his arms around my waist. 

I could feel his breath on my neck, and I did everything I could to not just run.

“It’s beautiful.”

And before any one of us knew what was happening, our lips were pressed together and smiles were on our faces.

Daily Goals - June ❀

So during June I’m setting myself a few health and fitness goals. At the start of July our dance eisteddfods begin, and I’d like to be in the best shape possible! I need to build up a bit of general strength, improve my flexibility, strengthen my back (injuries are playing up again, aargh!), and do lots of work to strengthen my feet for pointe shoes. I’d like to aim to do all these little things every day.

≻ 30 sit ups
≻ 5 push ups
≻ 20 tricep dips
≻ 20 squats
≻ 20 lunges
≻ shoulder physio
≻ back physio
≻ 20 minutes stretching
≻ 50 calf raises
≻ 15 mins pointe practice

≻ 80% fruits and veggies
≻ NO gluten (not even a smidge!)
≻ fresh juice daily

Healthy Habits
≻ 500mL lemon water upon waking
≻ B12 daily
≻ digestive enzymes 3 x per day
≻ vitamin D3 daily
≻ probiotics at least once per day
≻ 2+ liters water per day
≻ 2 tbsp blackstrap molasses daily

I’m also participating in cleanbodyfreshstart’s June Challenge, whatever that may bring! I’m so excited for the month ahead, I can tell it’s going to be a good one. Who’d like to join me?? What are your goals for June?

anonymous asked:

Just a little story I wanted to share. My mom and I are in the living room and I'm on my laptop and my mom is watching her shows. I'm watching an EXO video to some of the boys doing a little bit of sexy dancing and as a joke my mom looks over at me and says "What are you watching, porn?" And to continue the joke, I respond with "yes." My mom simply laughs and continues with her show. But in my mind all I think is "Porn? Well it's close enough."

I’m pretty sure my family thinks I’m watching porn a lot too. One time, I was watching Exo do Cultwo & they had to do women’s voices. The Kai part came on & I nearly had a heart attack when my brother knocked on my door & I realized I didn’t have headphones in. He didn’t say anything but the look he gave me was so awkward. Like he was judging me so hard. They’re ruining my life in such indrect ways. But what can you do? They’re like a drug. xo

tagged by runia  !! THANK YOU, especially since this is totally a valid excuse to stop studying for a little bit B’^)

1. Write your name in song titles:

El Amor - Tito El Bambino

Last Dinosaur - The Pillows

Infamous Love Song - Over the Rhine

Shepard of the Stray Hearts - Lovers

Eyes As Candles - Passion Pit

2. Why did you choose your url?

it was from a line i wrote down a long time ago that i thought would make a good url at the time lmao….it kind of stuck and now its become My Thing. it’s My Thing (i also have some canon urls hoarded like minagreene, tamarindavourlace, aliaslorde AND itomiourari)

3. What is your middle name?

sandra faye lmao….. sandra is my mom’s mom’s name and faye is my dad’s mom’s nickname

4. If you could be a fictional or fairy tale being, who would it be?

a shapeshifter?? probably?? that conveniently combines my other two desires of “air spirit” or “tiny fairy”

5. Favourite Song

I LITERALLY CANNOT ANSWER THIS, THIS CHANGES ALL THE TIME?? ive been listening to the twist by frightened rabbit for a few weeks lets go with that

6. Top 3 Fandoms

deepgate (i honestly love the deepgate fandom its so tiny and fun), yowapeda, steven universe

7. Why do I enjoy tumblr?

IT KEEPS ME CONNECTED TO PEOPLE TBH, ive made a bunch of friends i really love on this awful blue website (i also find a lot of things that give me ideas for stuff which is super nice)

8. Tag 9 Other People

shikai-of-the-4th-world cute-dancing-bunnies jackfires nightinghouls thelonehuman nowasteddreams IDK DO THIS IF YOU WANT TO, if you want to do this consider urself tagged…..by me……( • ̀ω•́ )ᕤ✧ 



PS We are kind of a little bit MAYBE sort of DYING to meet you idk we aren’t sure cuz being fans since Our Song is making our head a lil too enchanted to think straight ;) So JUST in case you wanna know… we are sitting on the floor section N row 14 seats 1,2,3,4. Super easy to find us cuz we’ll be the ones dancing our faces off under your majestic presence!!!! 

taylorswift tree-paine 


I really love hearing a director’s take on his own process, especially for a scene that’s (already) viewed as a masterwork. Here George Miller narrates the meeting between Max and Furiosa. He explains:

Our fight choreographer Greg van Borssum rehearsed it with our actors and everything was carefully worked out. It was a really nice collaboration between the cast and the stunt doubles. It seems to be chaotic and raw, but you want it to be creamy and seamless. And that depended on Margaret Sixel, the editor. I think there are close to 200 shots in this sequence, which might only last a little less than two minutes. It was up to her to find the connections between one shot to another for it to be creamy and fluid and so on. It’s a little bit like cutting a dance sequence.

So LET’S NOT FORGET Margaret Sixel (also Miller’s wife), who edited the film along with Jason Ballantine. There have to be award nominations coming for their work. Here’s an interview where Sixel talks special effects, editing and live-action. Sound was a key element of the Max-Furiosa battle. 

Once we have milked the picture edit, then great attention is paid to sound and how it can enhance the storytelling. It​’s not only in the high impact scenes but in the more subtle scenes for which sound adds another vital dimension. In the scene where Max meets the girls and the subsequent fight sequence, sound designer David White put a huge amount of work into the chain effects, the water effects and other Max ‘headspace’ sounds. The soundtrack knits the shots together and amplifies the whole immersive experience.

Finally, a piece on why Fury Road deserves to be nominated for Best Picture.

Oh what a lovely week.


Now, I have never done something like this before… but, I figured if there’s one way to make something spread, tumblr is the way to go!

I have a little story for everyone that I think should be shared all around. In my high school, the junior high students (7th-8th grade) get their own version of prom called ‘Spring Fling’. This year the school decided (4 days before the dance) to put in a new dress code, saying that the girl’s dresses had to have three inch thick straps and that if their dress was short that it could only be two inches above the knees. 

Now, as many of you may know, it’s a bit difficult to find a formal dress to meet those requirements without having the exact same dress as many, many other girls. But that’s not even what the biggest problem is here. In the picture below you’ll see a picture of my little sister in the dress we bought her.

As you can see, it is a strapless dress. We did not buy this dress specifically to defy the dress code put in place. In fact, we did not know about the dress code at the time we bought it. We bought this dress about a month or so before the dance when we got my prom dress. 

Now, when they FINALLY decided to inform the girls of our school about the dress code they were informed that they would be kicked out of the dance. 

Once again, this dress code was told to them 4 days before the dance when many girls already bought their dresses.

12 girls got kicked out of the dance.

The school called the police on 2 of those girls because they did not want to leave the dance. (Their dresses were floor length and strapless.)

But here is the kicker, everyone. The principal of my school said the reason why the dress code in general for our school is enforced is because not only is it distracting to the male students but it is distracting to the male faculty.

These girls are like, 12-14 years old.

For the record, the school mentioned for this is Iroquois Jr./Sr. High School in Erie, PA.

This made the top story of our local news and our principal and school board refused to make any comments,.

Exo Reactions To Finding You Dancing Naked To Their Part In One Of Their Songs

Nothing is weird & dirty to me anymore. It’s so hard to make me uncomfortable, you’d be surprised. lol 

This is similar to another reaction I've done but I hope you like it! xo

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Baekhyun: “I see that you’re in need of a dance partner… Mind if I join you?”

Chanyeol: “Let’s just go back a little bit, show me that again.”

 Chen: “You read my mind.”

D.O.: “I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but you’re naked.”

 Kai: *was about to ask you something & then totally forgot when he saw you*

Kris: *watches, smiles, enjoys, contemplates life*

Lay: *starts dancing with you because he’s a freak & hardly notices that you’re naked*

Luhan: “This should be the new concept.”

Sehun: “Yehet.”

Suho: *just stares in awe because he’s turned on but knows he shouldn't be*

Tao: *is actually really embarrassed so he just starts laughing*

Xiumin: *is so excited that he just watches, then he realizes what could be happening instead so he jumps on you & sexy time happens*

If you have a request for a reaction, feel free to let me know. xo

From the very first episode of Dancing With The Stars’ twentieth season it was clear: Rumer Willis and her dance partner Val Chmerkovskiy were the ones to watch. Because they were, good. Actually good. Like, worthy of a smile from Bruce Willis kind of good.

As the season chugged along, one-by-one every other contestant was eliminated, which left only two people to take the crown — or in this case, Mirror Ball Trophy — and those two people were Rumer and Val.

The winning couple stopped by BuzzFeed’s New York headquarters the morning after their win to play a game we like to call the “BFF Test.” After spending months rehearsing for hours a day together, we figure they should know each other at least a little bit. Here’s how they did.

What song does Rumer like dancing to the most?

Val wrote, “The darkest most depressing music ever!!” and Rumer wrote, “When Val sings his own lyrics.”

Val: Her taste in music is like, you know, old school… We were thinking of songs for the freestyle and she was like, “How about this one?” and I was like —

Rumer: It was the darkest thing ever.

Val: I can’t remember a lyric for my life. We rehearse these songs for like the entire week, like, six hours a day. So it’s on repeat and I still don’t know any of the lyrics. You know the Hozier song? We must have heard it for three weeks straight. (sings) “Your love has got humor… like a rumor… something something something ruler…”

Rumer: It makes me so happy though.

If Rumer could have partnered with anyone else, who would she have chosen?

Val wrote nothing; Rumer wrote, “Only Val.”

Val: Good job. Now we can take the same ride home.

What’s Val’s least favorite dance step?

Val wrote, “Jazz Hands”; Rumer wrote, “When I turn with my shoulders up.”

Val: [To Rumer] Let’s see. Yeah, I hate that.

BuzzFeed: What’s wrong with jazz hands?

Val: I don’t know, I’m a ballroom dancer so I just partner. The second she moves away I’m like, what do I do with my hands?

What’s Rumer’s least favorite dance step?

Rumer: It’s so hard.

Val: It’s very unnatural to teach. Or to do.

Rumer: In a week.

Val: In a week.

Rumer: I would have killed it in three months.

What’s Rumer’s favorite dance of the season?

Val wrote, “The one she danced with ME”; Rumer wrote, “Foxtrot.”

Val: What’d you say?

Rumer: Foxtrot!

Val: Oh. That one was good, too.

Rumer: I was gonna write that, too, but I was like, No I can’t do that. I’ve been saying too many nice things about you.

Val: That’s true.

What is Val’s favorite emoji?

Val chose and Rumer picked .

Val: Inside joke.

What is Val’s favorite emoji?

They both chose .

Rumer: ‘Cause it’s me!

What is Rumer’s pet peeve?

Val wrote, “She doesn’t have any,” and Rumer wrote, “FAKE ASS PEOPLE.”

Val: You don’t have any!

Rumer: …That I tell you about!

Val: She doesn’t seem like she has any. I’ve never seen you be that irritated about somebody’s actions.

Rumer: That’s why I’m a great actress.

Val: [Looking at your answer] I was like, “Fake asses?!”

Rumer: Oh! I have another one: When people spell my name wrong.

What is Val’s pet peeve?

Val wrote, “Ear wax,” “I like you more than your brother,” “Say something in Russian,” “Can you dip me?” and Rumer wrote, “When I look at the ground when we dance. PS my ears are really clean.”

Val: I have a lot.

BuzzFeed: You get “dip me” a lot?

Val: All the time! I usually just look at her and then look at all the women around her and say, “If I dip you, I gotta dip everybody.”

What word does Rumer overuse the most?

Val: Ah, easy. “I’m so stoked, dude!”

Rumer: OK, bro.

What word does Val overuse the most?

Rumer: Did I spell it right?

Val: No, but that’s it. It’s a very bad word in Russian.

Rumer: What’d you say?

Val: Bro.

Rumer: Or babe.

Val: “Babe,” “Blatt,” or “Bro.”

BuzzFeed: What does it mean?

Val: It’s like the tofu of cuss language. It could be a good thing, a bad thing. It’s like the F-word but has a little more soul to it.

Who is Rumer’s favorite judge?

Both choose Bruno Tonioli.

Rumer: He’s the best.

What song does Val jam out to most in the car?

Val wrote, “The rachetest of the ratchet hip-hop ever …on a TUESDAY,” Rumer wrote, “My songs/Download ‘Toxic’ on iTunes.”

Rumer: I mean, we did, for a little while, but not anymore.

Val: What is that supposed to — that sounded like some old married couple. Well we used to really jam but now we just kind of jam.

Who does a better impression of Bruce Willis?

Val wrote Bruce himself; Rumer wrote Val.

What is Rumer’s favorite Bruce Willis movie?

They both chose The Fifth Element.

Rumer: It’s my favorite one, too!

You guys did a lot of Dub Smashes throughout the season. Who’s better at it?

Val wrote, “I want to say ‘us’ but the truth is… ME!” and Rumer wrote, “We both kill it but Val’s Beyonce one was Flawless.”

What food does Rumer hate the most?

Val: Hate is a strong word.

Rumer: It’s a strong word.

What is Val’s favorite thing to snack on during practice?

Val wrote, “Her soul”; Rumer wrote, “Jalapeno Chips.”

What’s Val’s guilty pleasure?

Val wrote, “Nutella”; Rumer wrote, “Chess, Chick Ficks, Basketball.”

Val: That’s not my guilty pleasure, I don’t watch chick flicks!

Rumer: Pitch Perfect 2 is a chick flick.

Val: …That was an accident.

What is Rumer’s guilty pleasure?

Val wrote, “Jalapeno chips and gummy bears”; Rumer wrote, “Haribo Gummy Bears.”

Val: Nice.

Rumer: Yeah.

Val: We know each other so well!

And finally: Who looks better holding the Mirrorball Trophy?

Rumer wrote, “He does,” Val wrote “She looks better period!”

“When you dance it’s always you. You bring a little bit of your personality. That’s why dance is the hardest art. You have a bad day, but when you’re done you can’t just put your paint brushes down or put your instrument in its case. You’re stuck with yourself to wonder why your leg won’t go higher, why your feet won’t point harder.”