2/19 Weeks of Captain Swan= Captian SwanHug
I was going to do a speed paint of their most recent hug that I love so much, but I have no time, so I’m going to try to do doodles for the 19 weeks, but we will see how much time i have whilst away.


look, i finally got my fake butt to take a selfie and my hair was more than excited for it heh. but i was tagged like forever ago by furiosfuriosa, missxdelaney, lolzforshits, larahcroft, cassiiecage, and cowboybebutt to do the two selfie thing and tagged very recently to do a single selfie by evilwvergil and zadornovs! all their beautiful faces make me weep with joy tbqh. thank you for tagging me!

i’m not going to tag anyone specifically bc i think almost everyone has been tagged and i did this a week or two ago. so if you’d like to do this, you’re officially tagged! ♥

Shamin’ round the World
  • Ireland (which started it all) = TW: Ireland
  • Germany = TW: Germany
  • Poland = TW: Polska/Bloodthirsty Hussar Fucks
  • Russia = TW: Russia
  • General slavic countries = Slav Shaming
  • Armenia = Armemenia (strictly used for silly stuff, nothing genocide-related)
  • UK = TW: Land of Hope and Glory
  • USA = Yank Shaming
  • Turkey = Atatürk Died for this Shit (modern) Ottomemes (historical)
  • Azerbaijan = Azerbaijan is Best Baijan

I have this marauders canon when Remus cant hold his drink, two beers & he’s gone. Sirius sits up & listens to his insane drunk babbling & just nods along.

“no,no but seriously imagine your thoughts physical, like you put what you see in your mind down & keep it. Like you would never forget things”

“Moony, honey thats words, your thinking about words darling. Now go to bed.”