thedragonsdrugs asked:

Thoughts on Chad Boseman being cast as Panther? And the Top 10 things you want to see in the Black Panther movie?

Definitely not my first choice. It was actually Chiwetel Ejiofor but Boseman had been rumored for the role for like a year and when they announced it, I had already warmed up to the idea. I was cool wit it.

Now 10 things I would want in a BP movie? OK….in no particular order.

  1. Make Wakanda look like heaven on Earth
  2. Make Wakandan tech superior to Stark’s
  3. Incorporate some real African influences to educate people like Raven Symone (and admittedly me)
  4. No basic ass romance
  5. Dope supporting cast that give the movie some credibility like bring Sidney Poitier out of retirement or sumn
  6. Show Black Panther ancestors, past feats, and other tribes
  7. A dark skinned Black woman as a bad ass Shuri (don’t pull that Storm shit over here)
  8. T’Challa’s dry humor
  9. Action on par with Winter Soldier or The Raid
  10. The same glorious costume in that concept art or better (with the cape for celebratory occasions)

There’s plenty more but those are the first things that come to mind.

Soul’s a pretty cool dude (he’s the titular character, after all).

I keep feeling sorry for him, though, like when Blair gets him into a situation that Maka walks in on, and he doesn’t get enough time to explain before Maka just chucks him out a window or whatever. XD

And his dry wit at times is great. He’s definitely in my Top 5 characters in the series overall. :D

Thank You

Thank you for filling my heart with joy, for making me laugh out loud, and for keeping me smiling with the biggest grin.

Thank you for opening up a whole world of music that I had never heard of before, for inspiring me to return to something I loved to do, and for continuing to make show tunes cool.

Thank you for creating believable characters whose journeys we wanted to follow, for representing the beautiful rainbow of society on screen, and for showing me the first true representation of someone like me in mainstream culture.

You simultaneously broke and mended my heart with the tribute episode to Cory/Finn. You helped the community grieve and say goodbye properly.

I was never much of cryer until you came along.

My watching of the final episodes tonight was no exception. It was the perfect return to the funny, dry and quick-witted humour that the fandom fell in love with, complete with beautiful salutes to friends old and new.

Glee will forever hold a special place in my heart; not just as a TV show, but as a home.

I cried because it was over.
I smiled because it happened.

Thank you and farewell.