Hardy is the blaze
That burns within
Walls of stone.

A wayward spirit
Dwells this chamber
For it joyfully dances it’s walls

Undying passion
Engulfs the stone
For it burns like a thousand suns,

A whispering wind
To smother the flame
In vain.
For it only fuels the blaze.

Everlasting is the love
That burns within
Walls of stone. -R.D.R

dear Amanda,

The red on your lips makes me think
Of hawaiian punch and murder;
sweet and harsh, like sour berries.

The lines of black soot on your eyes
remind me of screaming on a hillside
and onyx blades,
piercing into the heart
of the core
of me.

Your passion burns
like panic in my chest,
and your protection
is better
than the corner of a bus,
or arms around my knees.

—  a poem about amanda hellbats; literature class; 3/27/15

Single card pulled from the Fallen Angels deck

This is a time for rebirth, renewal and new beginnings. Learning from the past, and growing stronger, taller and wiser out of the cold and bleak winter. Rise from dormancy and stretch your arms to the light, feeling it wash over you and warm your aching soul. Know that any pain you are experiencing is reminding you that you are alive, and that you have survived even your most difficult trials. And you have emerged victorious. 

Spend time now, healing and outgrowing that tiny, dark box in which others have placed you. Ignite the passions within you, so that you may burn through any doubt or trepidation that you may face. You are greater than any conflict. You will ascend beyond your wildest dreams. You will rise from the ashes of heartbreak and misery, and become the Divine being you came here to be. 

Remember who you are. Your essence. Your soul. 

Allow yourself to be renewed. 

Six ways to heat up the press sans PR budget — a Vimeo On Demand case study feat. ‘Sriracha’

This is the first in a series of case studies about how filmmakers have achieved success by selling their titles on Vimeo On Demand. Each case study will demonstrate accessible, repeatable, and cost-effective tactics for VOD marketing that anyone can use!

The dream begins

In 2013, Griffin Hammond wanted to turn his burning (haha) passion for Sriracha hot sauce into a short documentary about the enigmatic yet familiar green-capped pop culture phenomenon. On his journey to discover and share where Sriracha comes from and why people love it, Griffin had to employ creative grassroots promotion to make his dream documentary a reality. Keep reading for his practical advice on how to get press for your film without breaking the bank!

1. Make it easy for fans to learn more and spread the word
Before Griffin even began filming his documentary, he knew Sriracha had an existing fan base that he could activate for grassroots promotion. To keep in touch with them, Griffin set up a Tumblr site for the film where he could post updates. He also created a Facebook page, a Twitter handle, and a Pinterest board. This made it easy for fans to point friends to a place to find info about the film. The one thing Griffin says he regrets is that he didn’t create a form to collect email addresses from fans in the early stages — both he and we strongly recommend building a mailing list as early as possible!

Read the full post on the Vimeo blog


My mama always told me never to use the word ‘hate’ as it would have profound consequences but i dont care. I hate this family so much They take the best parts of our culture,heritage and style and warp it into a fucking trend. Bruh for real the youngest one got fake dreadlocks done and said she “liked how trendy they looked” while using that ‘applesucker’ product to enhance her lips because thin lips arent attractive. The middle one with the fakest fucking ass i have ever laid eyes one is living the most lavish life out of the blatant exploitation of black women. From our thickness, the way we dress, the way we talk, to even our fucking men! Like yeah i know Kanye’s a piece of shit but he’s black. No matter how many times he implies to deny it, HE’S FUCKING BLACK. Then the other one that apparently has a different father: she said the main reason why she got married to a black man was not only because she of course ‘loved’ him but because she ‘loves BLACK COCK’ Bitch marry a white man and paint his dick black. You mightn’t get the same lengthy results but hey you just LOOOVE ‘black cock’ dont you! AND THE MOTHER OF ALL OF THEM! FUUUUCK DONT GET ME STARTED ON HER OR I SWEAR ILL NEVER SHUT UP FOR REAL. 

Don’t You Dare {G-Dragon}

This situation was the worst.  My heart was pounding so hard it hurt.  I couldn’t even stop shaking.  Standing on the spinning chair was probably a bad move on my part, especially seeing as I’m particularly accident prone, but I just couldn’t bring myself to get down.  I was bent at the waist holding on to the back of the chair just staring in absolute horror.  How the hell did this manage to happen?  Why did it have to be when I was all alone?  Of course, it had to be when I was all alone!  That was just my luck.  I groaned and dragged my eyes over the room before me.  The damn thing had moved.

I’m not certain you’re aware of what I’m going on and on about, so let me explain.  I hate spiders.  With.A.Burning.Passion!  I’m terrified of the things!  Rightly so as I’m incredibly allergic to their bite, but still most people just make fun of me when they find out. The spider currently terrorizing me was huge.  I’m not exaggerating either.  If I had known Korea had a stupid spider boom like this during the stupid summer, I would have gone back to the USA for the season.  Screw spiders!  Of course, my boyfriend might be upset if I left him for so long, but still. SPIDERS!  Ugh!

“Don’t you dare,” I hissed as I finally located the damn thing.  It was sitting just a bit closer to me.  All eight legs splayed out widely like it was gearing up to charge me.  Of course, I’m pretty sure that’s just my mind conjuring up morbid theories, but still.  I let out a loud squeal as it rocketed forward only to stop as soon as I screamed. Maybe it wasn’t all in my head after all.  “Don’t. You. Dare. Touch. ME!” I yelled. There’s a good chance anyone who could hear me would think I was crazy, screaming at no one, but they didn’t see the monstrosity I did.  This stupid spider was screwing with me.  

Let me get a little close.

Let me back up now.

Let me run to a corner.

No, now I want to come towards you again.

Nope, just kidding!  I want to climb you like a tree!

NO! Honestly, I just wanted to cry.  Relief flooded my system as the lock to our front door unlatched and my knight in shining armor walked through the entry way. He didn’t notice me right away, which let me take in his plain clothing (something rather surprising) and his tired expression.  He worked so hard, I often worried about his health.  The white v-neck he was wearing, though, it was perfection on him. Coupled with dark washed jeans and a red scarf, he looked absolutely fine.  I would have loved to throw my arms around him and kiss him silly, but I was otherwise occupied.

“Jagiya, I’m back,” he called needlessly.

“Welcome home,” I squeaked.  If I wasn’t so terrified of the damn spider and falling flat on my back I would have slapped myself for the absolutely terrified way I sounded.

His eyes flickered up from the mail in his hands to me standing on the chair.  There was a moment of silence as took in the scene before he gave me a very confused look and asked, “Jagi, what are you doing?”

I groaned and pouted, “Hiding.”

My eyes narrowed at the older male as he bit back a laugh, pure amusement lighting up his rich brown eyes.  “Hiding?” he repeated.  I nodded and he copied me slowly.  “From what?  I don’t think that’s a very good hiding spot, baby, you’re still very visible.”

“From the spider,” I mumbled pathetically.  The absolute shock on his face was adorable and I would have normally giggled at the sight, but the side-busting laugh that erupted from him was anything but adorable.  The man wrapped his arms around his stomach as he stumbled over to the couch and fell over.  A black blob skittering away caught my attention and my head snapped in the direction of the spider only to see it slip between the two bookshelves next to the TV.  “YAH!” I whined loudly, “Jiyong!  You scared the spider away!  Now what am I going to do?!”  This only made the BigBang leader laugh harder.  “Oppa,” I whimpered pitifully, “Don’t make fun of me!”

“Mianhe, jagi,” he choked out, wiping away water from the corners of his eyes.  I gave another sad whine that had him crossing the room to where I was still crouched over on the chair with that stupid sexy, but incredibly amused, grin on his handsome face.  “Awww, oppa will save you from the evil spider!”

“Yah!” I cried and tried to swat his arm.  ‘Tried’ being the operative word here.  As soon as I moved to do so, the whole chair moved and I wobbled haphazardly, startling both me and Jiyong.  His arms instantly shot out and steadied me.  

“Jagiya,” he scolded worriedly, eyebrows knitting together, “You should come down.”  

“But the spider,” I groaned, eyeing the space it had escaped to.  

Jiyong sighs and gives me a soft smile I couldn’t resist.  “Didn’t I say I’d protect you?”  I nodded and finally let him help me off the chair.  As soon as I’m down Jiyong lifts me back up, much to my surprise. Instinctively I wrapped my legs around his waist and buried my face in his neck.  He seemed to stiffen for a moment.  “Are you that scared of them?  You’re shaking and I can feel your heart pounding.”

“Yeah,” I murmured embarrassedly, “I’m allergic to their bites.”

“What happens when they bite you?”

“I end up in the hospital,” I told him plainly, letting out sigh against the soft skin of his neck.  He shivered and held me closer.  “I’ve had a phobia of them since I was kid.”

Nodding, he rubbed my back soothingly and sat us down on the couch.  Jiyong nuzzled his head against mine sympathetically.  “Aish, baby, why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

“Because you’d make fun of me!” I leaned back and pouted.

He chuckled and pinched my cheeks lovingly. “Well, it was quite a funny scene to come home to,” he grinned.  I didn’t have time to retort as he leaned forward and captured my lips in a soft kiss. I melted against him and let myself relax for the first time in an hour.  

It was a few hours later and the two of us were wrapped up together on couch enjoying a movie together.  Moments like these were so rare, so we soaked them up when we could.  I suppose that’s why I wasn’t upset that he was more interested in leaving butterfly kisses up and down my neck instead of watching the action film he chose for the evening.  “Ji,” I giggled as his lips brushed over a particularly ticklish spot. The action made me turn my head more towards the back of the couch and the large spider sitting beside our shoulders. Jiyong felt my body freeze and moved his head from my neck to see what was wrong, only he saw it too.  A second later we both flung ourselves off the couch with a cry of terror and surprise, respectively.  Jiyong thumped to the floor, but I just kept going, scurrying to my feet and flinging myself at the front door.  I didn’t even stop when I heard Jiyong’s laughing voice call out my name.

“Baby, come back!”