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↳ Dacey Mormont or and Alysane Mormont


make me choose || witchofthekorcari asked: 
harvey/donna or harvey/scottie?

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1. Favourite quote?

It’s a cross between ‘But whatever I do with this cage, I cannot get at you, and it is your soul that I want.’ (from Jane Eyre 2011) and ‘He punched the highlights out of her hair. He punched the highlights out of her hair!’ (from Scott Pilgrim 2010) 

2. Favourite book?

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, I also love Jane Austen and the Vampire Academy series.

3. There is a dream that you often do? (thanks google)

I dream of grabbing butts.

4. The best thing that ever happened to you?

Going to Uni I think. I found more of who I am after highschool, I’ve changed a heck of a lot since then.

5. The worst thing that ever happened to you?

Um… maybe the lack of a father but I’d feel it more as the worst thing if he was a better person so, I haven’t really had many shit things happen to me.

6. Do you believe in love?

Yes, even though I find it terrifying at times. 

7. Your biggest regret?

Being too scared to take opportunities when they are presented to me.

8. Your city of dreams?

Toronto! and also London! and Sydney is pretty nifty I’m so proud to live here. But yeah Canada, I need to live there (and England). 

9. Favourite song?

I honestly can’t pick one. 

10. Dog or cat?

Dog, though I respect cat. 

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  6. Favourite cast?
  7. Favourite animated movie?
  8. Favourite holiday?
  9. Older or younger?
  10. Shoes or no shoes?

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witchofthekorcari said:

Why don't ypu like Scorpio? I'm Scorpio also, and also was born in October before my time like a month before my time ))) But i love my sign, i think it's flawless, mystic and very very strong, really. I was a little girl, when i first read about Scorpio in astrology book, and there were a lot of nasty things about us, and i even wrenched a page. But after, as i read more and more, i understand that Scorpio is really good sign, very strong, very magnetic, symbolized with very strong forces.

i do like scorpio BUT when someone asks me my sign i said hey i’m scorpio :D and ereybody like takes a step back lol like i’m gonna kill them right there asdsjakjaskjak or just make comments like that oooh i’ve heard scorpio is the sign of the sex so you are a sex goddess or somehting or do you like sex as much people say your sign likes it? (like really?come on!)

and honestly…this sign has good stuff but “bad” part is more famous…IT IS a strong sign if not the strongest of them all…but some things like “is cold” and stuff is not very well…idk…lol

once i read a phrase that i think can summarize (in a simple way of course) this sign “they do forgive but they don’t forget” and this last part “dont forget” is not very…nice…cause this sign is famous for being cold and vindictive…but again I DO LIKE MY SIGN i just wished people see the strong part of this sign instead of the vindictive part lol…cause really lots of people think scorpion are: vindictive, cold, manipulative and domineering, possessive and jealous…basically ramsay snow (lol no!)

but we’re more than that and that’s why i like scorpio…trustworthy and faithful, jovial and passionate…and etc :)


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You can tell a lot about a person from their music. Hit shuffle on your iPod, Mp3 Player, etc. and put the first 10 songs! One rule, no skipping! Tag 10 people and pass it on!

Here we go ;) :

  1. Before the night is over - Gaelic Storm
  2. World of make believe - Within Temptation
  3. Rainbow eyes - Blackmore’s Night
  4. The parting glass - Damh The Bard
  5. Come and be welcome - Heather Dale
  6. The world is mind - Nick Phoenix (Two Steps From Hell)
  7. Whoever brings the night - Nightwish
  8. The mourning after (Carry on) - Kamelot
  9. He’s a pirate - Hans Zimmer
  10. A place in heaven - Thomas Bergersen

So here is my Morrigan necklace that I made for CtCon. (Sorry for the awful lighting in the second pic.)

I am pretty proud of it, since it’s very accurate to the game.

I am opening up COMMISSIONS for this necklace, or ANY OTHER  jewelry/prop you might need made that is more complex than normal.

The detail pieces are made from mostly wood (basically anything that is colored brown plus the pendant in the middle). It’s all hand carved for accuracy. The pendant is hand painted but the rest is airbrushed. The top piece is black fabric that is backed up with a piece of poster board inside for stability.

If you’re interested, or know anyone that would be interested, shoot me a message!

witchofthekorcari said: Глупый финал, Эрик внезапно наплевал полностью на Соки, Соки внезапно возжелала детей, Хойт и Джессика решили пожениться. И вообще все хотят только детей, прямо аррр. И Билл *фейспалм

Я понимала, что раз убили Билла, значит они забьют на Эрика и все прошлые сезоны, а над свадьбой Джессики и Хойта я изрядно посмеялась, такой бред, просто на голову не налазит

witchofthekorcari said:

Hi, guys! I'm happy to join you all in this read-along! My name is Cate, I'm from Russia, so pardon my english if i make any mistakes, i'm not native speaker

We are so glad to have you, Cate! 

Don’t worry about English, you’re not the only non-native speaker. Will you be reading the Silmarillion in English or in Russian (either way is fine, I am just curious)?