Midnight marked the anniversary of the revelation of Kim, two-fathered, many-Sistered, daughter of the most fearsome Kris unto us.  Tis but the blink of a bat’s eye to a witch, but what a sinister pleasure it has been to observe her ascent into the West and her birthing of the Child of the North.  Hail Kim.  Blessed are we to share this Turn of the Wheel with thee.

We look forward to your conquering of the South and East.  Never stop taking pictures of yourself.


So, i’ve never really rendered in this style, but I’ve been super inspired lately to try new things (i always am lol). I was watching yumesaru ‘s speedpaint and it gave me all sorts of ideas!

I made these for myself, but I thought I’d share them with ya’ll. I’m super happy with this and even though this took a while, I wanna do a bunch of art in this style.