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the witches of ireland are quiet, careful companions. they let souls weep on their shoulders and bleed through their fingers. irish witches speak the language of nature - peaceful, angelic creatures with the whisper of past lives on their breath.

Gemini + Taurus at Hogwarts
  • Gemini:Look at all the paintings! They MOVE! That's so cool! And the staircases! And--
  • Taurus:Can we slow down for a second? I want to take my time and--
  • Gemini:OOH! Let's go see what that is!
  • Taurus:Can we get food?
  • Gemini:*runs up to a random painting* Hi!
  • Taurus:*sighs*
  • Gemini:Who's that over there?
  • Taurus:That's Professor--
  • Gemini:I want to go see our houses! How about-- OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT IT'S SO COOL
  • Taurus:I give up on you.

Witch War is on. How are you planning to watch the Season Two premiere of Salem?


Witches Of Moonlight Falls (Season 4): Part 30} 

- Oh my Husband! -

Back in the alternate universe we come to Crumplebottom manor, still in the gloomy town of Moonlight falls… In this reality not much was different other than Belinda being a mother! She had a baby in this reality, her daughter was called Barbara and her name started with the letter ‘B’ just like Belinda and her sisters Beatrice and Bianca. The witches are adjusting to this reality quite nicely.

Belinda snuggled her ‘newly’ discovered daughter, Barbara. How beautiful she was in her arms, it wasn’t long till Belinda felt a new presence arising, along with her sisters. The upstairs landing was warmed by the fireplace fire, but the flames began to grow taller, the lights began  flickering and  it almost seemed like the light from the moon was darkening. This usually meant the presence of an evil unwanted being.

Belinda: “Who goes there!”

Beatrice: “What ifs not someone and more like something?”

The sisters entered combat stance, ready to take on an evil force but nothing was happening. Barbara started giggling breaking the tension.

Suddenly a mystical purple cloud burst up the stairs, too fast for anyone to react, it enveloped the witches and before their eyes a man was gliding towards them, his kind angelic face gave off no evil intentions. 

White magic was seeping out of him, he had a chiseled jaw and dark blonde hair and facial hair. He was in heavenly white robes but in a blink he changed into a leather jacket and jeans, he looked so familiar… Beatrice and Bianca knew him from somewhere. Belinda still had purple smoke in her eyes but it was clearing up and she could finally see this man. 

When Belinda made eye contact with him her world changed… This man… He was her husband!

{New character? No. Belinda’s husband is in my earlier stories, head to my site and read them if you want to see his history :) his name is Liam}

What are those [traffic] cones doing in that field? Oh, I know, those are witches. Just the hats of them, I mean. The rest is underground, cause it’s spring. Like bulbs. That’s why the tops are pointy. By fall the hats are black, but now they’re orange — it’s the new growth. Don’t drop candy corn on the ground at Halloween of you don’t want witches in the spring!
—  My mom explains things.
Some people are being super hateful to me because I said Halloween appropriated things from paganism

I never said I hate Halloween

I didn’t realize it was news to people that Halloween is based on older traditions

All I meant was that people should be mindful of their goddamn actions and learn about the origins of Halloween at the very least.

That pagans have a greater culture and we should find solidarity.
That’s it.

If you think that’s controversial maybe you should ask yourself why that is.
I never said abolish Halloween.

I was sharing a sentiment that I know a lot of people have.

Its pretty fucking awful to be told by lots of people that you’re going to burn in eternal hellfire for being pagan, and then turn around and see those same people wearing pointed hats on Halloween.

If you don’t think that’s appropriation and cultural erasure I don’t know what to tell you, other than I don’t give a fuck what you think.

I love Halloween
But many many people use it as a framework to discredit anyone who isn’t a monotheist, pagans especially.
If it hasn’t happened to you congratulations.

But it is NOT harmless.
Nor is it innocuous to tell me that I can’t point out that it is a problem.

No nonpagan should be able to wave a wand at me while calling me a demon for being pagan, ya feel?
If you disagree with that you’re a part of the problem.

I will not be quiet even if I am the only one who feels this way.
Maybe most people don’t see it, but I have definitely had nonpagans use “magic wands” to mock me.

But I’m not allowed to talk about that?
Why? Because you haven’t seen this reblogged 4000 times?
Why is respect reserved for select groups of people, and not for everyone?

How is that happening to me not nonpagans using appropriating behavior to oppress me?

Celebrate Halloween
But please do so with respect for others and awareness that its sacred to some.

The fact that that idea is controversial is just really sad.


Psychic Fair - London, Ontario

Decided to check this joint out last week. I don’t know exactly what I was expecting but it wasn’t a small room on the first floor of the Ramada with booths of psychics from around Ontario - possibly other parts of Canada. It was very small and crowded and people waited their turns after signing up to get their future’s told. I’ve always been really into this kind of stuff but I felt like I was at a wake for some kind of wizard.