Happy 603rd Birthday to the most awesome witch to have ever been rendered in pixels! May there be a third chapter in your future, and may your Christmases always have caviar!

Deaf wizards and witches learning spells in sign language and having an unforeseen advantage over their unimpaired counterparts because they have non-verbal versions of spells making them difficult to defend against.

Deaf wizards and witches having familiars that have their own special signs worked out to deal with the mild barrier of the lack of fingers.

Deaf wizards and witches.



I don’t quite remember what happened to the second one aha, but for this assignment we had to design an interior, and for the following assignment we had to design a narrative for it. I suppose the way I looked at it was telling a small story about it~

The first is done traditionally with watercolor and ink and the final three are inked traditionally and toned in photoshop~ What a fun assignment~


Diamanda Galas - I Put a Spell on You (Live)

I Put a Spell on You is a spooky song, it’s creepy, a little frightening and undeniably sexy. The Animals version (also one of my favourite songs) is possessive and also seductive, but there’s something really mystical with a female vocal to this song, especially one as wild, chaotic and expressive as Diamanda Galas’ version; the way she screams and sings makes her sound like she could in fact be a jealous, unhinged witch; making her the perfect person to cover this particular song. Fantastic. 

This version is crazy, it’s creepy, it’s strange, it’s gothic and frightening and it’s also kinda sexy. 

Through the Portraits

Oi! Hello, our precious students, teachers and beloved friends! Welcome to Portrait Hall! Yes, you can hear me. Just look above, yes there you go. And congrats, you’ve just found us! I’m Lady Menodora Agape Nikephoros and this is my charming friend. Sweet-cake, why don’t you introduce yourself?

Hello hello everybody, i am Madam Claudia Deborah Tryphena Blom. Call often the Whimping Lady, but i dont whimp a lot, do i? Anyways i think it’s better i let Menodora do the talk.

Don’t think she doesn’t like you, my dears. She is just- just tired being a portrait. You can’t even understand, huh? Anyway, don’t bother yourselves about our personal lives. We, me and Claudia, are very glad to tell you that we are your brand new friends! Well, i can see you all just bored. Then, let the magic begin! You’ll see us, soon. We will be watching our students, friends and warriors. Keep in touch, youngsters!

Sorry about mistakes of our English. Menodora is a proud Greek and I had lived in Scandinavia for many long years. Actually, we died in our own countries but skip the details, right? See you soon!

forest witches
they dwell only in the shadows lain down by trees, under the cover of rain, within the arching boughs. in their own chosen glens, now ringed by mushrooms, they construct their cottages (made not of gingerbread, but willow and oak). they frequent the forest’s very core, that sacred ground, where only darkness is constant, and it is there that they call their home.