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What you will receive if chosen as the winner!  Starting in the upper left-hand corner, an enamel painted plate with a witch riding on a broom, done by our wonderful artisan Collette.  Under that, three bars of botanical soaps in Peppermint Tingle, Jasmine and Green Tea, and Sea Breeze (4 ounces each) under that, a witch ball, filled with graveyard dirt, nails, pins and other nasty ingredients to keep evil at bay.  Comes with fishing line to hang in your east window.  Upper right hand corner- An Aroma diffuser pendant on cord with a bottle of blessing oil and instructions on how to use it plus a handmade beaded hemp friendship bracelet.  Below that, 20 sticks of assorted incense plus incense holder in a pouch.  Sorry guys, only comes in pink. Below that.  If a female is chosen you will get 16 ounces of a botanical dead sea salt bath salts.  For the guys, a special soap free shaving cream.  In the center, starting on the left- A complete aromatherapy set.  You get 5 soy tarts in assorted scents, the tart warmer and 5 tealights.  Middle- Assorted seashells and gemstones.  Right- a large hand rolled smudge stick made from juniper, sage and rosemary.  This giveaway is done in conjunction with our business at so come check us out.  We have a huge variety of magickal items, all natural bath, body and beyond, beautiful artwork, books, journals boxes, altar tables and much, much more.  

I will be following up making sure you’re following me and since I hate spam, you only need to reblog this once.  Anymore and you will be disqualified. So easy, right?  Since this is a rather large giveaway, it’s open to US residents only.  At some point in the near future I will do a giveaway for my foreign followers, so hang tight.


Crystal Aneira  


Witches Of Twinbrook; Part 26)

- Skeleton Key -

She stood on hallowed ground. The naked trees swayed in the wind. Joanna got in her car and drove away unaware that the shapeshifter that had just stolen her appearance was making her way to Tricou Manor. The shapeshifter walked up the steps in her heeled boots and took a skeleton key out of her pocket…

How did she get a key to Tricou Manor? It looked enchanted or spelled for sure. The eyes on the skeleton key flashed as she turned the lock. With a click, the door swung open and the shapeshifter walked in. 

Her heeled shoes were loud on the floorboards, her green eyes glowing a sinister green as she smirked in triumph. Did she have evil intentions in the home of the three Tricou women?

An unexpected guest has just arrived, or shall we say, an intruder. What could this shapeshifter want?

Son of A Witch

Prompt: Could you do a fic where the reader is Dean’s girlfriend who hunts with the boys and in a confrontation with a witch she and Sam end up swapping bodies for a few days? Dean then freaks out…;)

Word Count: 2,421

Warnings: None

Author’s Note: Remember when I said I’d do one crazy request for my 1K? Well, this is it. It’s no lasagna and cake hats but it’s still pretty weird.

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kelainoofthestars asked:

Do you know any cute lighthearted witch or magic related stories? I've been hankering for something kinda Halloweenish 9 months too early, but keep finding things that are a little too heavy I guess. You have impeccable taste and I'm curious to know your thoughts!

INDEED I DO.  My dear child, it is NEVER too early for Halloween, and I’m actually thinking of founding my own Halloweentown which — not unlike Frankenkmuth, Michigan where it is Chistmas all year long — it will always be Halloween.

Heavy can take a lot of forms when it comes to spooky stories but I think I know what you mean, in which case I shall direct you to a few of my very favorite magical witchy related readings in the form of comics.  If you are not generally a fan of comics fear not — these are not your usual fare, and they are, I promise you, super fucking cool.

The first is a not very well known and sadly short lived but brilliant comic called Leave It To Chance.

I touch on it more fully in this post but it is, put simply, one of the best written, best illustrated, most fun and adventurous comics I have ever read.  Chance is a young aspiring sorceress, daughter of one of the most powerful necromancers alive, determined to solve supernatural crimes her father thinks she is too young to be messing with.  It’s fun and hilarious and full of magic and adventure.  Visit your local used comic shop or look for it used on Amazon in a trade paperback.  There are 3 volumes: 1: Shaman’s Rain, 2: Trick or Threat, 3: Monster Madness.  All are worth it!

The second recommendation is the understandably famous Hellboy.

The movies were a lot of fun, but to really get into the world, you need to read the comics, absorb the art of Mike Mignola, and not only take in the cool origin story of Hellboy and his unique sense of humor and style, but my favorite part of all — the fables and lore explored through the stories.  Mignola used real legends to tell a lot of Hellboy’s adventures, having him face off against Baba Yaga or some leviathan horror.  I recommend The Chained Coffin for a start, but you can really pick it up anywhere.  Though the art is dark and dramatic, the themes are never too heavy to handle.  Hellboy punches his way through his problems and laughs it off!  Also he loves cats.

Last one is a short series of four comic books based on the show Jim Henson’s The Storyteller, a collection called Witches.

Some of these might be a bit dark, but oh, some are so gorgeous!  You can see inside one of the comics and read my full review of it here!

There was a different writer and a different artist for each of the four comics, but they each did such a beautiful job crafting the stories, making them less like a comic and more like a storybook, one suited to each particular tale.  Though the series is done now, local comic shops may keep back issues of them, or you might find the complete set on ebay or Amazon.  It is very worth it, particularly the first issue and the very last one, which is a Baba Yaga story.

I hope this gave you some good reading material!