Things I'll do when I reach my UGW:
  • Throw away all the “fat” clothes I hate so much,
  • Make one day a body appreciation day and indulge myself with coffee-scented scrubs and balms, and just simply take care of the body I worked on so hard,
  • Sleep naked (i.e. in just undies) instead of wrapping myself in covers and wearing pajama pants and tops despite it being hot outside,
  • Have my holidays photos taken without hiding and refusing to smile and pose,
  • Buy all the things I reallywantto wear without thinking if I’ll look fat or if it’ll cover my thighs and belly,
  • For the first time in 7 years, I will wear shorts and short sleeves,
  • Enjoy eating tasty and healthy things instead of living off tea and low calorie pseudo-food,
  • Go to the beach,
  • Enjoy being outside of my room,
  • Tell myself that I did it after trying and failing all these years,
  • Dance in the rain in underwear,
  • Take an after photo and print it out along with the before one,
  • Get a tattoo,
  • Eat ice cream in public without feeling like people are disgusted with me