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*whispers* doooooo iiiiiitttu 

i hope you all know you’re literally the worst kind of people

I got tagged by the lovely wishicouldstaysickwithyou

so here we go!!!

- do you consider yourself more masculine or feminine?

hmm both and neither ? Though I suppose this swirling vortex is going to have to say feminine !

-album you’d save from your burning home?

If I had bag albums :,D;; if I did tho, probably RAZZLE DAZZLE by Buck-Tick because goodness knows how many fucking times that band’s music saved me

-cats or dogs?

both uwu !! But I lean more towards cats

-book/movie universe you would want to live in?

oh gosh idk even !!! There’s just so many!! Either Howl’s moving castle

or Deathless by Catherynne M Valente just so I can run around w/ the chertyi and cause a ruckus all over Soviet - era St. Petersburg , Russia uwu

-one meal to live off of for the rest of your life?

uHHHH green tea ice cream yo

- do you have any tattoos? (or want any?)

I don’t have any tattoos but I do want a bunch ahah ;v;

- do you think your license/school id looks like you?

I mean last I checked I wasn’t Lord Voldemort who ‘s dressed like a old , angry Russian babushka so uh


- what gets you really excited?


-favorite time of the year?

Hmmm spring! Or autumn too.

- one holiday you don’t celebrate?


- one random fact about yourself.

I am a master flailer I flail like a pro my cohorts in Australia have video proof.

iimdestinyfreereally said:

Cophine on vacation in France g o

The Champ de Mars is a living tapestry, striking in its beauty, and yet Cosima has eyes only for one attraction. As Delphine looks on in disbelief, she reclines on her side on the picnic blanket they’ve smoothed over the grass, tossing crumbs out to the birds that surround her. “All of Paris at our feet, and you spend our afternoon befriending the pigeons.” 

"Aw, c’mon," she pouts, leaning back to pillow her head against Delphine’s crossed ankles, "They’re totally cute and you know it." Delphine makes a teasing "Mmmm," of assent, but it isn’t the birds she’s looking at it. 


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i’ve seen all of community! one of my fav sitcoms (fingers crossed hulu picks it up so we get our six seasons and a movie) 

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i’ll look into it, i’ve heard good things <3 

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HAVE YOU SEEN MY MAD FAT DIARY OR KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT because i’m vaguely interested but i do not want to undertake alone u feel

MAYBE WE CAN MAKE THIS A MARATHON NIGHT, i’ll wait for you but i need to see this show

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i have it all downloaded! i’ve seen the pilot and i was pretty invested but then i got distracted for a while and now it seems so serious and i’m procrastinating on wading back in 

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NOT BUFFY AGAIN, buffy is the kind of show where i’ll rewatch episodes at random but i literally will never put myself through the emotional journey of watching through all the seasons ever again. IDK WHAT I WANT, I WISH I KNEW. i was thinking about broad city for amy, or veep or like xena IDK

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i’ve seen house on and off but i can never super get into hospital shows even when they break the mold. i love hugh laurie though

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I was tagged by coolmagneto, who isn’t actually cool

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  • Guiltiest pleasure song? i refuse to be guilty, i’ll listen to the fuck damned backstreet boys if the mood strikes me, deal with it
  • Bad habit? biting my nails, definitely
  • Tell me something you are passionate about. civil rights
  • Recommend some art, whether visual or audio. kevin wada
  • Tell me a book to read. gone with the wind (margaret mitchell)
  • What’s your favorite shirt? u m i have this black mini-vest with a ruffled v-neck collar and gold buttons that i wear absolutely to death, maybe that
  • What is the tastiest food? chocolate cupcakes are drops of heaven 
  • Are you smart? duh
  • What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done this year? i would have to narrow down the number of embarrassing things i’ve done this week alone
  • Democrat, Republican, or neither? liberal
  • Do you like butts? with my whole heart and soul

coolmagneto's questions:

  • ducks or rabbits? obviously ducks
  • song on repeat right now? lovefool (the cardigans) 
  • last book you’ve read? brave new world (aldous huxley) was the last i finished, and now i’m on carrie (king)
  • book you’re going to read next? i really wanna try red dragon (thomas harris)
  • dogs or cats (and you better say dogs)? stfu mon, cats forever and always
  • dualism or nondualism? nondualism 
  • last time you felt overwhelmed by beauty? getting off the express bus at penn station on my way to orientation. new york in the wee hours of the morning is like some weird , grey half-world/limbo, it’s phenomenal
  • creamer or no creamer? five gallons of creamer and sugar and cinnamon 
  • last time you stayed up all night for a dumb reason? last night, playing flappy bird
  • do you think math is the language of god? no, sorry galileo 
  • do you know how 2 english? nah

my questions:

  • latest obsession?
  • biggest pet peeve?
  • most highly anticipated day of 2014?
  • film you would recommend? 
  • itunes, spotify, or pandora? 
  • favorite animated movie? 
  • plan, or jump in head first?
  • fictional role model? 
  • packing or unpacking?
  • form your patronus would take?
  • city, suburbs or country? 

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