First date! Since they have the day off, Jesse invites Pansy out to the Las Palmas Country Club as soon as it opens the next day.

They chat, dance and have their first kiss. Then, they share a plate of $136 nachos, which Jesse can’t really afford at this stage of the game. He’s still scrounging up money to pay for a Logic class he’s had a wish locked in for since day 1. But this is his future wife and mother of his children, so she’s worth it.

"You’re really going to have to rethink your ‘no babies’ policy. I’m a legacy founder. Babies are expected of me."


Shiloh’s sudden departure left Jesse with all of two co workers to befriend. One of them is Pansy Northrop, his boss.

"Thanks for coming over, Pansy. Wanna come up to my bedroom?"


"I have to fulfill a wish to pillow fight with someone."

Pansy is game for the pillow fighting. Then she goes in for an autonomous flirt! I’m already planning on the babies that will follow in a matter of days.

"Watch this!"

Oh, no, a dirt eater. Oh, well, at least it’s not the slob trait. I can work with this.


Since I was going to have all these kids, I needed a way to feed them, right? So I really needed to get a handle on this cooking thing. Maybe it was mac and cheese that didn’t like me… I thumbed through the recipe book and found something that looked a little easier - waffles. How hard could they be? 

Yeah, well, I didn’t get a chance to find out, after I put them in the oven, my oven decided that the little honey bun was ready…

Though I was smelling like a sewer and leaving a skunk trail, I hopped into my Ferrari and jetted to the hospital to give birth. How I could drive under such circumstances was beyond me, but I made it there in one piece.

[Wish (completed): Buy a stuffed animal.]


The entire military, all three of them, has Thursday off, so Jesse fulfills his wish to throw a party on Weds. night. He bought a boombox and a loveseat in preparation for the big night.

Pansy of course is invited, as well as Lucky Palm’s other fine young soldier. I don’t remember his name. We’ll call him ‘invisible plate holder’. He spends the entire evening dancing by himself, holding aloft that invisible plate.

Jesse and Pansy go for some autonomous flirtation. Soon, there will be babies…

"Look, I’m not having a bunch of babies! Ideally I’m not having any babies. I hate babies!" Pansy makes her anti-baby opinion very very clear throughout the evening.

Yeah, Pansy, I already gave you a makeover. You can’t back out of my legacy plans now, even if your Dislikes Children trait conflicts with Jesse’s Family Oriented.

The soon to be couple end the evening watching the stars together. Jesse rolls a wish to go on a date with Pansy.


Just needs a little landscaping out front…

The floor plan and a shot of the green house.  There’s plenty of space to add a second floor.  At this point, there’s no rush to add a second floor since only two of the family members are not fairies.  A fairy house and a bathroom are all the others need.  :P


Part 9 - Lets Play Two Wishes - The Sims 3 Two Heir Wishacy Challenge

In this episode, Lidia gives birth to her second child and Tammy’s mum asks Kurt out on a date! 


Jesse’s got wishes to sing karaoke and befriend all his co workers to fulfill. Luckily for him the club is empty when he takes on the karaoke.

With that bit of embarrassment  out of the way, he calls co-worker Shiloh Devyn and invites her over. You know, to ‘befriend’ her. She shows up and immediately picks a fight with him. Then announces he obviously has issues and she’s not sticking around to deal with them. And she leaves.

She’s not kidding about not sticking around, either. Later that night, she completely disappears from his relationship panel, leaving Lucky Palms forever with no evidence that she ever existed.