Never thought Spice and Wolf would have such an impact on me. It´s so damn touching and beautiful. The characters, the dialog, the soundtrack…I´m in love. The things I felt watching it were unique. It somehow managed to connect with my heart. The emptiness it left inside of me after finishing the show was unbelievable. 

The openings and endings of this heavenly show are perfect. I don´t really watch anime but damn Spice and Wolf made it´s way straight onto number one of my all time favourite list. All the manly tears. I´ll always keep those two in my heart. Currently reading the Light Novels.

Derail the details (exhale and inhale)

Smoke flows through my lungs
The taste of blueberry sticks to my lips
But all I can think of is you at times like this

You are neither here nor there
But you’re my everything so you’re everywhere

I want to be able to reach you at all parts of the day
Something like a cosmic force from far away

I want to be able to touch you without motions
It’s silly really, the concept that is…the notion

I want to drink you in like a old ale
I just want to love you and all the details

But until then….. I’ll just exhale

The idea

Love doesn’t always show signs
Poems don’t even have to rhyme
It’s the little things that are important
Thinking about it only makes the list shorten
The idea of someone else taking up your time
The idea that you’re only sometimes mine
It’s hard because I’m all yours
It’s like I want to leave but there’s no open door
It’s like I want to leave but my hearts too sore
Its like I want to leave but I’m bleeding on the floor….
The idea only makes me want you more When you say I love you you know I love you more…

A poem I wrote in the 6th grade

I can see your perfection in the clouds above
No one down here could give half of your love

But if you let me inside
I’ll climb and climb waste all my time
And I’ll fall crawl I feel like I might cry

But angel even if we aren’t meant to be
I still think you are lovely
And just beyond this climb its you and me

And I try to ascend again
But I’m falling and bleeding
yet I love you all the same

To me only you would be worth all the pain
My grip it slips and I know I’m not strong enough
I guess that’s why it’s called falling in love


I went to a catholic school as a child

I recall talking to the priest after attending mass We always had to attend it was perhaps 3 days of forced torture a week. Most of the time we couldn’t even zone out we always had to get up or kneel then stand and finally return to sitting I always imagined it to be military like, it kept a grin on my face

 I asked a lot of questions. He was really tall maybe I was just short but he towered over me he was rather nice a gentle giant of sorts. “Hmm agnostic?” he said scratching his beard in almost circular motion he sighed then told me “You ask a lot of questions and I to be quite honest do not have all the answers. But the lord does and one day when you are done with self discovery you will return onto him

I didnt understand how i was to return to something i found unrealistic. Thinking i was witty I responded with “How am I supposed to see the light without first discovering what it is to be consumed by the dark


Yes i feel in that moment i knew exactly who I wanted to become……