theocevn asked:

hiii, i just saw your the troop gifs and they are perfect <33 do you mind telling me where you got the episodes? did you buy it on itunes? i've been struggling to find a decent download link for so long and ugh

Thank you <3 I’m glad people like them. I downloaded them from here. Just search The Troop. They only have season 2 on their at the moment and it takes a while to download, but they’re the only good quality downloads I’ve found so far.

theocevn asked:

hello again. i'm just dropping by to thank you for the link!! i'm downloading everything. really, thank you thank you thank you, i was hopeless already thinking i'd never get the chance to watch it.

no problem, i’m glad i could help!

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baaabe. oh my god :( IM HERE. tell you what, when youve finished all your other birthday celebrations, well make a skype date :)


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that sure sucks ): but happy birthday!! im sure your day will get better by the end of it. maybe theres a surprise party involved (??)

thank you both, i love you guys