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Fig. 1. — Lighting a disconnected vacuum bulb of 1,500 candle power by high-frequency currents — Photograph taken by the light of the bulb itself, exposure about two seconds.

Fig. 2. — Table of diagrams illustrating the evolution of a high-tension transformer enabling the production of electro-motive forces of many millions of volts.

Fig. 3. — Photograph showing a part of the laboratory, with a disconnected resonating coil supported on an insulating stand, and illuminated by the streamers produced, other coils remaining unaffected — The pressure developed in the resonating coil is over half a million volts.

Fig. 4. — Photograph showing an incandescent lamp lighted by a synchronized circuit composed of a wire loop and condenser, and energized by waves transmitted from a distance.

Fig. 5. — Photograph showing an incandescent lamp lighted by means of waves transmitted through space to a coil without a condenser.

Fig. 6. — Experiment illustrating the action of a synchronized circuit energized by waves transmitted from a distant oscillator - The energy received is transferred upon another unresponsive circuit, lighting the incandescent lamp attached to the same.

Fig. 7. — Experiment showing a coil energized by the waves of a distant oscillator and adjusted to the capacity of the body of the operator, who preserves himself from injury by maintaining a position at the nodal point, where the intense vibration is little felt — the pressure on the end of the coil towards the reader, which is illuminated by the powerful streamers, is nearly half a million volts.

Fig. 8. — Photograph of the experimenter standing in the middle of the laboratory and lighting a vacuum bulb by waves from a distant oscillator — His body is, in this case, subjected to great electrical pressure.

Fig. 9. — The operator’s body, in this experiment, is charged to a high potential by means of a coil responsive to the waves transmitted to it from a distant oscillator, and a long glass tube waved in the hand is lighted to great brilliance by the electrical charges conveyed to it through the body.

Fig. 10. — In this experiment the operator’s body is charged to a great pressure by a direct connection with an oscillator — The photograph shows a sheet of tin of determined size, held in hand — The operator is on the top of a stationary electrical wave, and the bar and sheet are both illuminated by the violently agitated air surrounding them — One of the vacuum tubes glows brightly, being affected by the vibrations transmitted to it from the operator’s body.

(not shown)Fig. 11. — Photograph of an active terminal of an improved oscillator, used in tesla’s experiments for transmitting electrical energy to great distances without wires — Width of illuminated space is 18 feet — The pressure on the terminal is about eight million volts.

“In conclusion I wish to apologize for the frequent appearance of my likeness in these photographs, which is distasteful to me, but was unavoidable. Most of the advances indicated, and a number of others, have resulted from the application of the beautiful principle upon which the operation of this apparatus is based. Scientific men have honored me by identifying it with my name, and I have earnestly endeavored to show myself worthier of this great distinction by devoting to it much of my energies. No desire for material advantages has animated me in all this work, though I hope, for the sake of the continuance of my labors, that these will soon follow, naturally, as a compensation for valuable services rendered to science and industry. To the scientific experts, who are familiar, in theory and experiment, with electrical vibrations, the results here shown will, I believe, speak in eloquent language. But those readers to whom they are naturally less intelligible will ask: What are they good for, and what do they or have they demonstrated? To them it may be said that they have shown and proved among many other things: That ordinary currents can be transformed with high economy into electrical vibrations of any pitch, which are needed in many novel arts; they have shown that electrical energy in great amounts can be efficiently and safely transmitted without the use of wires to any point of the globe, however distant; they have furnished proof that the movements and operation of bodies and machinery carried by the same can be controlled from a great distance without any tangible connection whatever and with absolute precision; they have proved the practicability of a system of signaling without wires, not with the imperfect appliances as before attempted, which can not be tuned and are rendered useless by the play of a small induction coil, but by means of apparatus producing powerful oscillations and circuits in exact synchronism, with which it is impossible to interfere; they have shown that atmospheric nitrogen can be readily combined and valuable products manufactured, merely by the application of cheap water power, and that light, diffusive like that of the sun, can be produced with an economy greater than obtainable in the usual ways and with lamps that never consume.”

N. Tesla New York, March 26, 1899

(“Some Experiments in Tesla’s Laboratory with Currents of High Potential and High Frequency.” The Electrical Review. March 29th, 1899. Pg.195-197 & 204.)


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