Dreadful news here. Ginny, after suffering a bladder infection and then pancreatitis, has ruptured a disc in her back. Actually, we think the disc has been going over the last several weeks, but it was overshadowed first by the bladder, and then (very likely) by a toxic reaction to the antibiotic I given to her to end the infection for once and for all. The good news? The bladder infection is gone, sadly, it caused pancreatitis to get rid of it.

Now, just for the sake of excessive drama, (I know, aren’t you impressed by my ability to crack wise at a time like this?) as I said, now for the sake if excessive drama: she has blown out her back! You would faint to know what this little adventure costs, so let’s just say that coming sale with be part sale, part fund-raiser. She is sort of the shop mascot, after all.

However, if you all could just say a little prayer, or wish her well with a bit of positive energy, I’d so appreciate it. She is such a sweet, loyal, funny,