DIY Earpins’ Tutorial from Curly Made. These are so easy to make. One photo that looks like these earpins has been circulating over and over again on Pinterest and is from Etsy. These are cheap and easy to make and there is a good video that runs less than 4 minutes. For a huge selection of DIY earrings go here and for DIY ear cuffs go here.

What does it mean to triumph as a poet? Doesn’t our poetic awareness sometimes take us to some rock bottom sense of ourselves, on the one hand, and, other times, on the other hand, to some elevated pinnacle of what we understand about ourselves — ourselves and our subjects, our metaphors and our communion with readers? Does it make a difference whether this place is a sanctuary cleansed by ritual or some darker, more remote cave in your mind and your heart?

DIY Infinity Double Wire Ring Tutorial from My White Idea. There is a short video with easy to follow instructions for the double infinity ring. For more wire DIYs go here and for more inifinity DIYs including jewerly go

For a DIY Infinity Rope Ring Tutorial from My White Idea go here.