Whilst walking to the gym this morning, I passed a woman walking her whippet (is that how you spell it?) Anyways, it’s a beautiful slender dog that runs really fast. On that note… I shamelessly gawk at them whenever I by chance see one in real life. In this instance, when the woman and her dog passed me, I whipped my head around to watch them walk away, and the woman saw me and have me a dirty look like I was checking her out or something. I am such a dork. I love whippets, I didn’t even care that the woman thought I was looking at her ass.

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lookbook 18


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  • septum / love zombie / mustachio / $0L @tdth
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I START MY NEW JOB TOMORROW!! (and here's my WIPpet for Wednesday)

I START MY NEW JOB TOMORROW!! (and here’s my WIPpet for Wednesday)

Yes I am indeed starting a new job tomorrow which is why this post is late and short (but hopefully sweet!). I’ve been doing all my washing and other house jobs today because I won’t have time tomorrow or Friday as I’ll be working all day. :)

(Great excuse not to do housework hee hee!) I should add that I might not get around to commenting on many WIPpets this week because of said job. My…

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Dubious Math and a Work in Progress

Dubious Math and a Work in Progress #WIPWednesday

Happy Wednesday! Today is the day that our most excellent monkey maven, K.L. Schwengel, has designated as WIPpet Wednesday, which involves posting a date-related snippet of one’s work in progress. I’m working on an alternate history of sorts which takes place in a slightly different version of the world from 1880-1930. The theme is that it involves icy regions of the earth – the Antarctica and…

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I usually start with my WIPpet, but it relates to my ROW80 update, so I’ll begin by saying my…

I usually start with my WIPpet, but it relates to my ROW80 update, so I’ll begin by saying my goals have taken a back seat this week, or should I say, all but my writing goals. I dedicated the time to working on my NaNo novel and things are progressing at a steady pace. I’m still behind, but that’s okay.

So, on to WIPpet. The maths is easy this week – 19 paragraphs for the date. I wrote the scene…

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AROW80 Update for November 5, 2014 + WIPpet

AROW80 Update for November 5, 2014 + WIPpet

It is cold and wet and rainy and very much November here. I haven’t been writing as much as I wanted to for the first few days of this month — combination of work and lack of oomph — but I got a bit written last night and I’m planning on working on some more tonight and hoping to get close to a goal of 10,0002 words by tonight.

I’m working on a short story set in my Gem City (aka Reverse Batman)…

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An interview with my MC Rebecca - WIPpet Wednesday

An interview with my MC Rebecca – WIPpet Wednesday

I wasn’t sure what to share today as I’m up to my neck in editing Teaching Mr Leavis and changing a whole lot of stuff. OK that’s putting a bit crudely, but you get the idea.

Anyway I thought I’d share with you something I’ve written especially for today: an interview with my main character from Teaching Mr Leavis, Rebecca. It’s a bit rough and ready but I hope you enjoy it. Oh and I should say…

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Tempus Fugit! And works in progress ....

Tempus Fugit! And works in progress …. #wippet #amwriting

Hello all!

I hope November is treating you right. I’m trucking along. I joined a “mini” NaNoWriMo challenge over on Livejournal with a goal of 750 words per day. I’ve made it every day so far although I can’t say it’s always been easy. I did switch to writing a nonfiction article for several of the days in order to get me through over the weekend. Whatever works, right?

I want to let everyone…

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Torn Asunder by Alana Terry Now Available for Pre-Order

Torn Asunder by Alana Terry Now Available for Pre-Order

Originally posted on

disregard the prologue


Note from Kate: Not only is Alana a WIPpeteer and generally swell person, she’s also the author of Beloved Daughter (which I really liked) and Slave Again (which I loved). I’m pleased to help her announce her new book, Torn Asunder. Read on for details!

Free Ebook Giveaway From Alana Terry

Torn Asunder is the upcoming release from award-winning…

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Not much of a progress report - ROW80

You may have noticed my absence on Wednesday, so I apologise I didn’t have time to participate in either WIPpet Wednesday or ROW80. I’ve been preparing for the release of The Fifth Watcher, and juggling a busy workload, so this week has been chaotic to say the least!

I almost didn’t post today, because I don’t have a great deal to report. I’m on track with my writing, and back to editing. I made…

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