Recently I have become more enclosed and reserved as an individual … quiet and just like a hermit. Thankfully I have been visited by my best frieeennndss Thalia and Veronica. After the visits, I have been reminiscing memories and opening myself more into expressing my feelings towards them and my thoughts etc. Well I am most certainly back to myself. I am happy the way I am. I am so proud to be a mommy. I am a happy winzy. I love my friends. I love the fact that I have better relationship with some of my old friends like Tarara and Kaylee. When before our relationships were blah! and needed lots of work! I am more open now and more independent than I was. Which I am so happy about because then my future relationships with anyone will be much more successful. Because I will be more open to talk about my feelings and express myself in a better way, which is also weirder and sillier. I love to be funny and weird and make everyone around me happy and smile and laughing. So over all i wanted to say I do have my ups and my downs and so does life. But that is life. Whatever happens, happens for a reason. Whatever is meant to be will always find it’s way. You might not like each other one day, or even hate each other, or you love someone and they hate you right now or are with someone else. But overall if they are meant to be in your life they will be there. It might not be right now, but someday in the future they will be, so don’t worry. Just enjoy life right now in this moment because you will never get this moment back. Be yourself and don’t forget to smile. Always look on the bright side of things. Because the more you love you are loved in return. I am proud to say I am becoming more comfortable to be in my own skin. And whenever someone is sad or upset I try my best to make them smile even when at that moment my mood is poop too because once I am able to make you laugh or smile, you made my day by me making yours:) Honestly all anyone needs to remember is to have Forgiveness, Happiness and most important love. So, I hope I was able to make you think about some things in your life and if anyone needs to talk to someone about something whatever it may be I am always here, to help, or just listen if you need it. sooooo HAVE A HAPPY DAY!!!! <33333 >///<