Yesterday was such an amazing day! I competed in a brass band contest at Hardraw scar, a beautiful waterfall in a quaint village in the yorkshire dales. It was such a fun day and we played so well! It was pretty cold however and i was freezing! Which made me think about how much energy i was using to regulate my heat. So i needed extra energy! Plus we were out alll day. So i treated myself to an enormous piece of fruit filled flapjack. it was like baked berry oatmeal. The flapjack was so gooey and had a layer of berries in the middle, and some kind of white chocolate topping (white chocolate no thank you) I AM SO PROUD. It was huge and i ate the whole thingggggg! Go me! Secondly, my band won a trophy for best march and came 2nd overall, winning another huge trophy and £175! So pleased and happy!