"Even if we win, it won’t feel that good. In Team B, there are boys who’ve quit school and immersed themselves in trainee life."

Seungyoon, there have been many times when you’ve shown why you are the leader of Winner. One time that I always think back on, though, is during your final interview on WIN when you struggled with feelings of both happiness at the possibility of your team winning and sadness at the opposing team losing. You see every side. Thank you for being a compassionate and thoughtful leader. || #ThankYouForBeingWinner

I was very disappointed when I was linked to an EqD article where a lot of folks were bemoaning how “girly” MLP merchandise was, that there wasn’t enough for boys. Shirt sizes I can understand, but apparently brushable ponies are also an affront to masculinity? Do….guys not brush their hair or something? For a fandom that’s supposed to be all about redefining gender roles the whole thing devolved into  “ew cooties” quick.

"The fact Hasbro’s first-party FIM merchandise constantly panders to young girls is a very big problem."

"Only thing that I consider boyous enough is the Funko figures. Aside from that, yeah everything is pretty much girly."

(“Boyous” wat is that the new macho “joyous” like “broga” and “brogurt”)

"So little boys are finally not ashamed of watching a show "for girls" (I remember being really embarrased about watching the PowerPuff Girls when I was little) and Hasbro is messing it up by only selling girl merchandise? Seriously Hasbro, what the hell?"

Why can’t boys play with these toys, again…? The hangup does not seem to be with Hasbro.

In any case, eagerly awaiting the great smell of Hasbro’s first deodorant for men fragrance, SWEATY HORSE PIZZLE, for those fans who can only cope with small horse as long as it’s DRENCHED IN MANLY TESTOSTERONES BECAUSE GIRLY IS GROSS NOPE NOPE NOPE CAN’T CATCH ME GIRL COOTIES.

They think they have it bad? Go talk to the female fans of Young Justice and then we’ll talk unfair business practices in cartoons.


Reminiscing what happened in the past year and remembering the struggles WINNER overcame and many extraordinary things they achieved then after reminded me how strong, genuine, talented and just all around amazing people they are. I hope they continue going up and of course touching our lives with their beautiful music. #ThankYouForBeingWinner

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