“A city meant for those who are thirsty for them k-pop idols.”

Hello k-popers!

So, a group of friends decided to create this big big network group for any k-pop band fan and to make it a friendlier trip through the amazing sh*thole that k-pop is ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)


The pros of this affiliation are:

  • feel accepted;
  • get to know new friends;
  • follow more blogs of your fav band;
  • get to know more groups;
  • you can discuss anything you want;
  • you will never find or be weirder than us, might as well try;
  • if you want advice or just talk about life, you’re more than welcome and we are more than willing to listen;
  • while being part of this comunity you will be surrounded by a loving environment;
  • as a member of this “city” you will be accepted no matter the gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or tastes in general! We are completly tolerant of anything, and if you ever feel out of place or that you don’t fit in, feel free to call this place your home.


  • please post mainly about the Korean entertainment scene (preferably k-pop);
  • be nice and polite to each other;
  • you will be reported and expelled if you break the rule above;
  • tag #thirstylanecity in the first 5 tags if you want us to rebolg it;
  • if you want to share any social media please ask in advance;
  • please notify if your post contains smut or mature content;
  • please credit yourself or the owner of anything you post [you should already know the rules for this!];
  • cursing is accepted as long as is friendly;
  • this blog will not participate or be affiliated to any fanwars.

To get in this group you have to:

  • fill in this application and a whole new world will open to you.

If you have any more questions just go here

  • We will wait for your doubts or any improvings from your part!
  • [edit credit yngys]

Thank you so much for reading this and it would mean a lot if you could help us spread the word by reblogging this <3

Very soon, we will see just how brave/crazy YG really is:

Will he drop BIG BANG on us to go head to head with EXO?

Will he send out WINNER instead?

Will IKON step forward?


…is he insane enough to have ALL THREE AT ONCE??!?!??

And then again, he may be trolling us all with Who Is Next teaser just to have a great April Fools Joke.

But what if….just what if…he really is THAT crazy?  If he is, it will be the most EPIC head to head fight between YG and SM…EVER!  We may be on the cusp of the greatest KPOP Showdown in history…

[Kyung] Mino happy birthday ^~^ 

KYUNG: Even though we don’t contact each other well these days
KYUNG: Happy birthday
WINNER SONG MINHO: Even if we don’t contact each other you’re always in my heart so don’t worry. Thank you hyung

Trans by: bontheblock