Continuing on with the art dump, I have sketches for the art trade I am working on with wingedpirahna!

For this art trade, we picked existing characters to draw and made companions for them. I am going with the character Lady Dog and tried to make a companion that would best suit her. Thus Spider Child came to being! At first, I was thinking about making her a snake, but a spider just came on naturally. I also wanted to have the character contrast with Lady Dog yet at the same time, make her a believable companion for her.

Spider Child is just as it describes, a sort of spider like humanoid creature. She is a little girl, so she also carries around a stuffed bear for comfort. She makes her clothes out of leaves and flowers because nothing else would fit her.

Expect some color roughs to come during the weekend!

Okay I should probably make this organized and clear just so I can let everyone know status quo on requests. I won’t make this post super fancy since I am too tired, but I would like to lay down how many requests/art trades I have atm:


1) Odinarrow’s request: Odin arrow fanart

2) songbirdo’s request: Titania fanart

3) nevynervine’s request: Odiggie fanart

4) -Open-

Art trades:

1) Wingedpirahna: draw a companion for her character Lady dog.

2) -open-

3) -open-

4) -open-

The art trade will come first, followed by the requests. This’ll also be good for practicing the intake of art if I want to prepare to take on commissions. I will only take on one more request before I put a cap on it. However, I will take on three more art trades. School will factor in how much time I get to work on these requests/art trades, HOWEVER I am going to get them done. These are too great for me to pass up on! If anyone else has a request/art trade, just leave me an ask~

wingedpiranha asked:

i hope i'm not coming off as rushing you or anything, but i'm currently working on creating Saoirse's buddies and i'm sooo excited for this trade! i'm learning lots from your blog and drawings too. i'll be updating bit by bit though; otherwise, it'll feel like forever until i make a solid update.

Oh no not at all! I’ve been pretty slow with mine because I just started school so I wanted to get settled in first. I will be posting some sketches hopefully in the upcoming weekend. I am super excited for this too you have no idea. Its going to be interesting to see what we both come up with 8DDDDDDD