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Parrot flies in and races alongside guy on scooter.

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Jasico 37

37 - Meeting in prison AU

Jason was honestly scared as the guard led him through the building. All the stories he’d heard about prison ran on repeat in his head, making it hard to stay calm. He passed a couple of cell blocks, where the inmates either ignored him or gave him curious looks. So far nobody was shouting anything, at least.

The guard stopped, unlocking the cell in front of them.

“Di Angelo, you got a bunkmate,” the guard said, then gestured for Jason to enter. “Try to play nice.”

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High Tea

The McCartney’s have dinner aboard their private jet over America during the bands Wings Over the World tour. (Bottom) Mary (6 years-old) is seen trying to listen to Paul’s guitar while Linda, who is having dinner with daughter Stella (4 yrs-old), listens on specially adapted headphones. (Top) Stella gives Paul a face while her father plays his guitar. June. 1976

Photographer: Robert Ellis